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Rolling Stone has released a new interview with longtime HardRadio friend, GENE SIMMONS of KISS. In the excerpt below, Gene talks about his long-term relationship with his wife, Shannon Tweed. Rolling Stone: You've been with your wife Shannon Tweed for over thirty years. What's the secret to a long relationship? Simmons: "Our DNA says we manufacture hundreds of millions of sperm every day. We can't take Thursdays off. We have the eternal and primordial urge to merge. The problem that girls have is that just as they see a six foot two guy with a deep voice and think, "Now, that's a mature man." No he's not, he's a fourteen year old horny boy. He's not going to mature until his hair grays, and he won't ever fully mature. You're going to have to keep him on a short leash because young guys never want to get married, they don't want kids. It's not in our DNA. Our DNA says, 'Go hunt, do whatever the f**k you want.' The last thing our DNA wants to hear is, 'Where are you going?' 'Where am I going?' 'Who wants to ask?' It's true for you, it's true for me, it's true for everybody. So my advice to women is to dump your boyfriends. Go for much more mature guys, maybe that made their fortune and who have gotten their wandering out of their system, most of it, anyway. It'll never leave, by the way. Men are better later on than younger."

R.S.: So what's made you stay with Shannon for all this time? Simmons: "She is better than I am. She stuck by my side for 29 years, raised two kids, Nick and Sophie, who are extraordinary, and, despite all the wanderings, she never left. And then I had a come-to-Jesus moment: Am I gonna die alone surrounded by strippers, which sounds fun and good and all that, but that's not really what you want, or do I die surrounded by my loved ones, kids and Shannon? So I decided to marry her, first time I ever got married will be the last time that I got married. In fact, I re-married her a year or two later. That's the right time. In my situation, that's the right way to do it. Until you're 60, sow your wild oats, and don't ask anybody's permission. Because women will always cock block you." Read more at RollingStone.com.

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