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Students from Kingwood High School in Houston, Texas got a big boost last night from KISS. "It means so much that some amazing rock legends like KISS would come all the way to Texas to help out some random high school," said Sarah Hoener, a freshman at Kingwood High School. The high school sustained catastrophic damage during Harvey, and students are out right now because of it. There was serious damage to the theater and arts program as well. Students lost instruments and music while the orchestra pit completely filled with water. She and nearly 350 of her classmates came to the Smart Financial Centre to hear the band and raise awareness to the fundraiser that's been started to help get Kingwood its music and instruments back. "The program lost so much," said Jill Wolocko, a parent. "It was hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment. You can't wrap your head around the things that were lost: the music." Hoener and others got to pose with the band before heading into the show. "I was studying KISS so that I would be prepared," Hoener said. "I know 'Detroit Rock City,' another great song is 'Beth' and I think it's called 'Lick it Up'."

Metal Church drummer STET HOWLAND (ex-W.A.S.P.) is fighting a mystery illness, and is currently in a Massachusetts hospital undergoing tests. On September 12th, Metal Church posted the following: "Unfortunately Stet hadn't been feeling well the past couple of weeks, but trooper that he is, he made it through the last few shows for our fans!! It started after walking around the flood waters of Ft. Myers and eventually he had to visit Tobey Hospital and get checked out." In an update, the band reveal: "A lot of our Metal Church fans have been asking about Stet Howland, so here is an update from last week: "The best news is that physically, Stet is starting to feel a little better each day. He has moments of energy where he can hold a conversation and even stand and walk within the hospital room. "Stet is still having severe "episodes" a few times a day. These "episodes" basically start with a fever and are followed by intense episodes of pain. The pain is literally incapacitating and it strikes his entire body. As the episode comes down, the pain localizes to one particular place in his body, sometimes an arm, sometimes a hip and eventually it levels off to a manageable level of pain." Infectious Disease, Hematology and Oncology departments are working together. There have been literally 100's of blood tests ordered. He has had more CT scans and ultrasound and they completed a bone marrow biopsy. "Stet is still in a holding pattern and fighting off new symptoms as they strike. The family are waiting patiently for a diagnosis and looking forward to Stet being stabilized so they can go home. "All of your well wishes are really helping, so please keep them coming!"

STEVEN TYLER is seeking immediate medical care and has been advised by his doctors that he cannot travel or perform at this time. Therefore, the last four shows of Aerosmith's South American tour will be canceled. A message from Steven Tyler: "To everybody in South America.... Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico... I'm very sorry and feel like I've let you down... I won't be able to continue the last four shows of this tour. I flew back to the US on doctor's orders last night after the show in Sao Paulo. Please not to worry... I am not in a life threatening condition, but I need to deal with this right away, and get some rest and medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain my future performances... I promise I'll be back...unfortunately, health does not wait and it's something even I can't schedule around our shows... As they say, 'We humans make plans, and God laughs...' I love you all and will be back with you soon..."

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