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9/29/17 Page 2

Legendary Buffalo performers and members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, Winery Dogs), Bobby Lebel (The Road, The Headers, Bobby Lebel Orchestra) and Jessie Galante (Actor, Fire) are hosting the third annual MOB MUSICIANS OF BUFFALO CHRISTMAS PARTY on December 8th at The Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. Guests include: Talas v2, Carina and the Six String Preacher, Phil Sims 19 Piece MOB jazz orchestra, Bobby Lebel Orchestra, Mick Hayes, RIshon Odel Northington and more. And of course Santa Claus. All proceeds to benefit the Sportsmens Americana Foundation - an organization that supports Buffalo's music and education programs.

Metal Blade Records announces the release of DIMEVISION VOL 2: ROLL WITH IT OR GET ROLLED OVER - another true celebration of the late very longtime HardRadio friend Dimebag Darrell. The DVD/CD set - which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic Dimebag moments - will also include five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog Dimebag accrued since longtime girlfriend Rita Haney gave him his first 4-track in 1984. "Dime Time", a PledgeMusic campaign has been launched to support the release of the set. There, you can also view an official Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over trailer. The PledgeMusic campaign includes an assortment of rare items including props and costumes that belonged to Dimebag and that you can see in his home videos/Dimevision volumes, rare stage clothing, and other merchandise. Visit the PledgeMusic page at pledgemusic.com.

As previously reported, Aerosmith cancelled the last four shows of their South American tour after frontman STEVEN TYLER suffered "unexpected medical issues" and was advised by his doctors not to perform. Tyler returned to the US for treatment. The Boston Globe have learned from "a source close to the band" that Tyler suffered a seizure after Aerosmith's show in Sao Paulo on Monday night (September 25th). According to the report, it's not clear what caused the seizure or if Tyler received a diagnosis before flying back to the States.

Very longtime HardRadio friend NIKKI SIXX has partnered with the Los Angeles Times in an op-ed taking on America's opioid epidemic from a recovering addict's perspective. A digital version of the article can be found at latimes.com.

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