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"It's real," says a super-excited NITA STRAUSS who just happens to currently play guitar for ALICE COOPER. "You are officially looking at the first ever female Ibanez signature artist. After years of dreaming, hoping and working, followed by months of planning and preparation... I am honored and proud to introduce my signature guitar, the Ibanez Jiva." "This beauty will be sold worldwide and comes equipped exactly how I play it live, including brand new signature DiMarzio pickups meticulously designed by yours truly." "They took a chance on a basically unknown girl from LA (I was actually the only girl on the USA roster at that time) and coming up on my 10th amazing year as an Ibanez artist, words cannot express how honored and thrilled I am to now join the ranks of my greatest heroes as a signature artist."

The Birmingham Post is reporting that OZZY OSBOURNE and his family are sitting comfortably at #39 on the Rich List 2018 in the UK. His company, Monowise, has a turnover of nearly £5 million (approximately 7,147,510.00 US) and is doing nicely, boosted by past tours as a solo artist and with Black Sabbath and his 100 million album sales. Additionally, Osbourne's wife Sharon makes a sizeable contribution with US talk show earnings and TV advertising work as well as her X Factor appearances (six seasons). She has also sold two million copies of her autobiography, Extreme.

SAXON - THE CD HOARD (AMAZON EXCLUSIVE EDITION) - is a five CD book set showcasing four memorable tours from between 1995 and 2006, available on March 23rd. The front cover of the book features the beautiful painting by Saxon's artist-in-residence, the legendary Paul Gregory. Featuring blistering live versions of all of Saxon's classic tracks, the accompanying 24-page book is crammed with photos. This Amazon Exclusive contains four limited edition postcards.

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