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2/9/18 Page 3

Alice Cooper clone MARYANN COTTON has released a video for "Cursed", the opening track of the new album, Murder (out now). The 9-track album was recorded in US, Denmark, and Sweden, and was written by Maryann Cotton and co-writer Hal Patino. With regards to the Murder album title, Cotton said: "I love that title! We wanted a title that sounded hard and mean, and it fits really well with the whole vibe of the album. It's old fashioned but modern at the same time, it's the darkest album we've ever done but it's not depressing at all, it's actually a very up-album! It's very experimental and the sound is dirty and dry, we have worked very hard on this album and I think that the whole thing has been taken to another level! Right now I just can't wait for the fans to hear it! It's pure rock 'n roll!"

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