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7/29/19 Page 2

Guesting on The Robbcast Podcast, Megadeth bassist and very longtime HardRadio friend DAVID ELLEFSON discussed the band's next album, which is currently a work in progress. he also talks about coffee, bass, his book and Bassstory tour, as well as time away from Megadeth. Looking back on the band's early days, Ellefson says "Megadeth started with us being in a room, and it was like this freakin' demonic possession of the music. It just drew you in... lip-curling... 'F**k, this is heavy. This is f**king scary, this is so heavy. Oh my God. This feels so wrong, it's right. This is just shit from another dimension.' And that experience, we all have that in our bands. Whatever that is, where we're connected; it moves the room."

For the first time ever MANOWAR will open their vast archives and give their fans the chance to hear the official history of the band, straight from the source. The glory and the battles; the secrets, and the triumphs of steel; life on the road and in the studio... Witness very longtime HardRadio friend JOEY DEMAIO in an intimate setting unfold The Blood Of The Kings chapter by chapter; live, onstage and in person, in this captivating one-man multimedia show. The Blood Of The Kings Spoken Word Tour is a rare, personal look inside the exceptional career of one of the most iconic, most enduring bands in heavy metal. For details check out manowar.com/tour.

Speed Demon is a powerful overdrive circuit designed in conjunction with GUS G. covering his need of "creating enormous riffs and supersonic solos. The saturation circuit has been precision-tuned to add clarity, punch and rich harmonics while compressing specific frequencies so that the guitar sound is tight but without being squashed to ensure that it will cut through the mix. Speed Demon is designed and built in Athens, Greece by Crazy Tube Circuits. Features true-bypass and premium audio-grade components for superior sound quality and performance." Check it out at crazytubecircuits.com.

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