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8/5/19 Page 4

The Metal Voice interviewed former guitarists of Riot, Lou Kouvaris and Rick Ventura, of the newly formed group RIOT ACT at the Warehouse bar in Amityville, New York on August 2nd. This was Riot Act's second show where the band played songs from the first three albums: Rock City, Narita and Fire Down Under. Lou Kouvaris played and wrote on the Riot debut album, Rock City, and wrote on the band's second album, Narita Rick Ventura played and wrote on the Riot albums Narita, Fire Down Under, Restless Breed, and Born in America. On how Riot Act was formed: Ventura: "It came about from Riot V. Guitarist Mike Flyntz invited me to perform with Riot V as a guest at B.B. King's club and I got to play 'Swords And Tequila' and 'Warrior' on stage after so many years, and it just escalated from there. Then, Lou was invited to perform with Riot V in Japan. So our performances lit a fire under our butts." Kouvaris: "I went to Japan in 2015 with Riot V as special guest, I did a little tour with them. Riot V was very gracious and the rest is history. I did ask Rick to do this in 2011 but he was busy doing something else, but it took the Riot V people to ignite us." On the possibility of recording new material: Kouvaris: "We are going to do an album, resurrect some old and bring in some new songs. Rick and I have tons of material and we can probably collaborate on." Ventura: "It's about getting new material ot there not just playing not just playing old stuff, but right now we are playing older material because fans want to hear it. Lou and I never worked together, we never played on the same stage together, so playing those classic Riot songs is fun. We are having a blast, it reminds you of how great and intense those songs were."

Marko Syrjala at Metal Rules caught up with KROKUS frontman and very longtime HardRadio friend MARC STORACE to discuss the reasons behind the band's retirement. Following is an excerpt from the career-spanning in-depth interview: Q: In September of 2018, Krokus announced that Adios Amigos World Tour will be its last tour, and the band will retire after that. What are the reasons behind that decision? Marc: "Well, I guess we want to stop on a high point while we still can - when we are still kicking ass and not after the energy starts to go down because the band is only getting older. We've been around since decades...well, I joined Krokus at the end of 1979. And we released Metal Rendez-Vous, which took us straight into the international charts. And then we toured the USA and Canada and the rest of the world. We kept it up for years and made it high into the US Billboard Charts with the Headhunter album. We had some ups and downs and we ended it in 1988 feeling pretty burned out! And, now, since the reunion, it's another ten years going by, even more than ten years. So that's a long time. It's a long life, especially for a band that comes from Switzerland, which, being a seemingly perfect country full of banks, watch factories, cows, chocolate and gorgeous landscapes, was really never expected to donate any hard rock bands to the international rock scene at all in the very beginning. So, for us, it's like, we accept the fact that we have to stop one day."

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