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9/30/19 Page 3

HELLYEAH have released their sixth studio album, Welcome Home, via Eleven Seven Music. It's been almost 12 years since the release of their first album, Hellyeah, and just over one year since the passing of bandmate, drummer, and very longtime HardRadio friend VINNIE PAUL. The band paid tribute to their fallen brother and bandmate, by releasing "Skyy And Water" a reverential video filmed by Wombat Fire highlighting some incredible moments from the past. You can watch the video below. "I think Vince would be proud of what we've done. Chad really nailed it vocally and lyrically. We went out of the box a bit on this album. Left the studio a few times a little uncertain, but we tried new stuff, and we're eager to see what people think of it." - guitarist Tom Maxwell "We have to keep flying [Vinnie's] flag, to carry on legacies, and to carry on what heavy metal truly represents - and that is loyalty, that is love, and that is trust." - singer Chad Gray.

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