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13 HardNews stories for Friday 12/14:

The Quireboys vinyl reissue, Alice Cooper Euro dates, K.K. Downing guitar auction, In Flames music video, Mob Rules music video, Lionheart music video, Purgatory lyric video, Overkill lyric video, Jason Newsted performance video, Mercyful Fate album stream, Led Zeppelin book video trailer, Satan and Ram Euro dates, Vai Academy registration.

11 stories from Wednesday 12/12
12 stories from Friday 12/7
10 stories from Wednesday 12/5

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Very longtime HardRadio friend and supporter VINNIE PAUL passed away 6/22. Below are content features with Vinnie
from our HardRadio archives:


PANTERA: Re-Firing The Forge

PANTERA "A New Way Of Making METAL"!

2008 with Vinnie Paul, Gary Holt
and vintage Ronnie James Dio.

VINNIE PAUL - Rebel With A Record Label

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PODCAST #85: Bob Nalbandian Interviews legendary bassist Bob Daisley to commemorate the release of his Gary Moore tribute CD entitled Moore Blues for Gary.

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