It is with deep regret that HardRadio announces the loss of Sheila Rene' who left this world Tuesday March 24, 1998. Sheila was not only a dedicated and longtime supporter of hard music, but also a fan who attended every show possible and was beloved by the artists that she spoke with. Sheila's passion and persistence in keeping the metal flag flying will not be forgotten either by the artists who were the subject of her interviews, nor by we at HardRadio who were fortunate to know and work with her for over 10 years. This interview forum will serve as an example of the great and insightful interviews that she performed.

Metal Mama Sheila Rene' didn't start interviewing metal and hard rock artists yesterday. Her history begins in the Haight-Asbury district of San Francisco in 1965 and then continued with the show Live Wire on bay area radio station KSJO. Backstage went on-air as a syndicated interview show in 1982. By 1985 Metal Mama was online posting news and reviews through the CompuServe service and Rocknet. Sheila also spent 10 years at the highly acclaimed Gavin Report music industry trade journal where she was instrumental in the startup of their hard music department. Based now in Houston, Texas, Sheila is regarded as one of the industry's top interviewers.