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hard birthdays
Paul Geary (EXTREME) - July 24, 1961
Manny Charlton (NAZARETH) July 25, 1941
Jim McCarty (THE YARDBIRDS) July 25, 1943
Mark Clarke (URIAH HEEP, COLISSEUM) July 25, 1950
Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, DREAM EVIL) July 25, 1968
Trevor Peres (OBITUARY) July 25, 1969
Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH) July 25, 1973

this day in hard history
July 24, 1982: TWISTED SISTED performed their first UK gig.
July 24, 1984: METALLICA release Ride The Lightning.
July 24, 1990: a wrongful death trial involving JUDAS PRIEST opens in Reno, Nevada. Parents had charged in a lawsuit that the band's Stained Class album contained subliminal messages that drove two teenagers to attempt suicide. The judge eventually cleared the group.
July 24, 1990: PANTERA release Cowboys From Hell and WINGER release In The Heart Of The Young.
July 24, 1991: MERCYFUL FATE announce they will be reforming.
July 24, 1995: PARADISE LOST release Draconian Times.
July 24, 2015: JOE SATRIANI releases Shockwave Supernova and SYMPHONY X release Underworld.

July 25, 1980: AC/DC releases Back In Black, their first album with Brian Johnson as lead singer.
July 25, 1980: KISS introduce new drummer, Eric Carr, at a concert at the Paladium in New York City. Carr, who wears fox make-up, replaces Peter Criss.
July 25, 1983: METALLICA release Kill 'Em All.
July 25, 1986: LOUDNESS release Lightning Strikes.
July 25, 1989: ALICE COOPER releases Trash.

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