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Soilwork/Dark Tranquillity/Hypocracy Seattle show 4/12

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 3:06 pm    Post subject: Soilwork/Dark Tranquillity/Hypocracy Seattle show 4/12 Reply with quote

Man what a show!!! Normally im not one to post a concert review. But after lastnight i gotta get it out, and since i cant actually speak, my voice is so thrashed, ill have to get it out here.

First off, i didnt see, hear nor care if i seen the first band, I think there name was Mnemoic? something like that. I figured with the 3 bands ahead i needed to save my energy and abuse my liver instead.

I havent been a Hypocrisy fan for a long time, I first really listend to them after seeing them open for Dimmu in 2003. I have the Arrival and i love that cd, but must admit i havent delved into there privious releases yet.
Although i will buy there next new one. And i have become a big fan
of Peter Tagtgren, his vocals on the new Bloodbath are brilliant!
They put on a great set, i did reconize some of the stuff they played that wasnt from the Arrival, but lucky for me most of there set was from that cd. Eraser was for me the highlight of there show, as well as the last song they played.
Ive been waiting to see Dark Tranquillity for a very long time, Im a huge huge fan. And WOW!!!! They didnt disapoint in the slightest. Playing most of there new cd Character, they didnt play some older stuff i would have liked to have heard, But what a show!!! Amazing energy from Mikael
Stanne. The place they played has a very small stage, so not alot of room for him and the rest of the band to move, such as in there live damange DVD. But the great thing about a small venue, is that you can get so close, He was a large amount of the time singing within a foot of my face, The look on his face, you could tell he was very happy to see such a great response from the crowd, I hope they are getting as good
from other cities, But I have to pat my fellow Northwest Metalheads on the back for lastnight, they brought it to the show lastnight, I just love it when the band looks suprised that the audiance knows the words to the songs. I cant say i had one moment or one song that stood out, the whole performance stood out! I was standing there looking at a buddy of mine afterwards and we were just screaming at each other "ohh my F**kin
god!!" Ive had shivers going up and down my spine at very few shows in my life. The first time i seen Mercyful fate in 1993, Iced Earth in April 2002 Barlows voice was so awsome live, it actually shocked me. Opeth Jan 2004. Tad Morose at metalfest in 2002. Thats about it. Ive seen alot of shows and lastnight's performance by Dark Tranquillity can now be added to that list for me. WOW!!!
And then Soilwork was still to come
Ive liked Soilwork for a while, in fact i believe it was Gen Zod from here who first turned me on to soilworkd years ago.
I have to agree with alot of opinions that there releases have gotten steadily weaker. But to be honest i still like every cd they have released, just some more then others.
Great energy, huge stage presense from the entire band. Im afraid i dont know his name(and am too lazy to grab a cd and look it up) but the bass player looks like he is having so much fun, that you couldnt knock the grin of his face with the back of his bass to his head. And i know how that bass feels to the head, cause he banged it off of mine atleast 3 freaking times!!! lol
Now i know im not going on and on about there show like i did about
DT's, but i loved it almost as much, But my personal ratings for the show would be. (scale 1-10)
Hypocrisy 7
Dark Tranquillity 9
Soilwork 8

The only reason Dark Tranquillity doesnt get a 10 is that there were some songs that were left of the song list that i really wanted to hear.
The Treason wall, indifferent suns, and i dont recall them playing
monochromatic stains.

As a side note, after the show, happen to see that Nevermore was in the bar. So we all went and shook there hands and to say hi. And when i asked Warrell about the new cd, all he was was "WOW, your gonna f**king love it" Now im sure he would say that about any release, but
the look in his eyes told us that he ment it. Cant wait to hear it!!
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 11:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

cool, i'm sure Dark Taranqulity was amazing .
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