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Fukk The Police!!!
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Author Message

Joined: 12 Jul 2001
Posts: 1057
Location: El Segundo,CA.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:43 pm    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

Today I had to pick up a co worker at LAX.That's only a stones throw from my work and residence.
Now LAX is crawling with Cops,check points and all kinds of security since 9-11.Great right?
No.Because now you can't even pull to the side to drop off or pick up passengers.Stop for 1 second and you've got some a$$hole writing you a ticket.
Now I'm not even 2 seconds into the Airport when a cop pulls behind me,right away I know this guys got a problem.He jumps out and asks for my info.,no problem I'm legal.He then says he's writing me a ticket for tinted windows and no seat belt.
I was told my tint was legal,he insists it's not.I then jump out and proceed to tell him he's hassling me for no good reason and to go stop some real crime.
He says he is,I then say yeh,I'm public enemy #1 and then walk to my truck saying get a real job.
He says come back and say that to my face,no problem,I do just that.
Now he's in my face and I'm in his.I'm pissed off and alot bigger than this guy and know I could destroy him in a fight.He knows this too.But he's got a gun and a radio to get 100 more dick heads just like him to the scence.
So I speak my peace sign the ticket and leave.
BULL$HIT!! I hate cops,they're worthless,they've never recovered my stolen goods,never helped me when being robbed at gun point and never done anything but cost me time and money for trivial crap.
They're just money collectors for the state.Punk A$$ wanna bes who need a gun and badge to feel like a man.Fukk 'em.I don't trust them and feel more comfortable with the criminal element tham them.
Now I've to remove a $100.00 tint job and pay a fine.Not to mention I've got the stink of PIG on me now.
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Joined: 05 Apr 2002
Posts: 3526
Location: Pittsburgh,PA

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:25 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

When having a dispute with a cop,NEVER try to settle it on the street. You could have been shot or beaten. That's happened several times in my area. The Rodney King incident started the same way,and the cops,more often than not,get the benefit of the doubt.
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Joined: 30 Jul 1999
Posts: 925
Location: Indiana

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 7:33 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

If he said your windows are too dark just by looking at them, I doubt very much it would hold up in court. You'd probably be able to get it dropped if you wanted to push it. I'd just leave the windows be and hope you don't run into him again. I got pulled over once by some cop with a bad attitude who wrote me a ticket for bumper height and made me take all the air out of my air shocks (it was the 80's). I got my ticket and immediately went to a gas station and pumped them right back up to max. Never had another problem with it.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2001
Posts: 1057
Location: El Segundo,CA.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 10:49 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

The thing is the windows deal is a fix it ticket which means I have to waste my time and go to the DMV or Police Dept. and have them inspect and sign off on it.
As far as getting out and confronting him,you're right.That's not a good idea.But inside the Airport is a different deal.I never would have done that in the streets.
LAX has their own Police Dept. that's pretty much a joke.But they've got LAPD in the airport now drumming up extra revenue for a huge airport project.That's what pisses me off! It's a blatent cash grab effort.
Pretty soon no one will fly because of the dangers in the air and the over zealous police & security writing tickets.
If U ask me the Terrorists have already won.We're a fukking Police state Nation now.
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Jim McCormick

Joined: 09 Oct 2003
Posts: 467
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:15 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

I got a funny story for you all, thought it was not funny at the time it happened though. It was 1979, I just got a '75 Cutlass that I traded my '73 Camero on. It was around 1:30am, I was driving down Beaver Ave. after throwing some pebbles at this girls window that I was dating at the time (how romantic! LOL). She wasn't home, oh well. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img] I left her house & was driving down the street when I saw the cherries flashing behind me. I pulled into someones driveway so I would'nt block traffic, not that there was any. The cops came up to my car & flashed their lights in my car. I had a open beer on the floor along with the rest of a six pack. I was not drunk for I had only ten dollars that night that me & a buddy found on the floor of a bar. Even in '79 you couldn't by enough beer for two to get drunk at a bar with ten dollars. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img] The cops seeing the open bottle had me get out of my car & do all the field tests, which I passed, no problem. Then they told me to get back in the car while they went & radioed in my license. I then sit & waited for like a half in hour, & they still had not came back to my car. So I got out, walked over & asked, since I passed the tests & it was getting late could I go? They told me no & get back in my car. So I walked to my car & got in & waited another 20 minutes. They finally came back over to my car & I said, can I go now. "No, get out of the car, were going to give you the breath test again." So I blew in the breath analyser & then asked if I passed. They said "Yes," so I then asked again if I could leave. "NO," turn around spread & put your hands on the car!" So I did & they hand cuffed me & took me to their car & put me in the back seat. There I sat again for ten minutes waiting for them to come back from checking my car out. By this time I was very angery to say the least. They finally came back & got into the car. I asked what the problem was & that I didn't understand why they were arresting me. Then the one cop in the passenger side of the car turned around & asked me if I knew a Mr. So & so. I looked at him bewieldered & said, No. Why?! The cop said, "this is his car!" I said, What! No it isn't. I just bought this car a couple of weeks ago. So there we sat again & I finally said, if your going to haul me to jail lets go! We got to jail & I called my dad. I was so pissed off I could barely talk! They told my dad the samething that they told me. He then explained to them it was the law to take off license plates from one car to another when trading in. The cops then threw me in jail. I remeber being strip searched & there was this guy being searched next to me. This is funny. The cops told us to turn around & bend over & spread our butt cheeks. This guy next to me bent over & looked over his shoulder with his cheeks, face cheeks that is, spread a mile wide in a smile! Oh well, you had to be there, it was hilarious! Anyway back to my plight. Now heres the real kicker. They didn't charge me with car theft, but charged me with "Public Intoxication!" Now, & thank god, but how can you charge one with "Public Intoxication," but not drunk driving when driving a car!!!??? Well as it turned out they charged me with "Public Intoxicaion" to hold me overnight, so they could determine whether I stoled my own car!!! If this wasn't enough they also charged me with not using my turn signal when I pulled over for them & impounded car. This little episode of ineptness cost me $150.00 1979 dollars! Gotta love the cops! Yeah, right.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2001
Posts: 1057
Location: El Segundo,CA.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:33 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

Yep.Like I said Fukk the Police!
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The Dorf

Joined: 11 Feb 2001
Posts: 1165
Location: Baltimore, MD

PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 6:11 pm    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

I was arrested a few years ago for something I didn't do - I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blew about $3,000 on lawyers and picking up my car from the impound lot. After an entire day of putting up with judgemental cops and a commissioner who was a neurotic prick, I learned that the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" is a crock of sh*t!!
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Joined: 26 Jan 2001
Posts: 1695
Location: where anger and euphoria collide

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 8:55 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

That's a real crappy ordeal, dude.
I have to say that it was funny that you were driving down [i]Beaver Ave[/i] looking to get a little beaver action from your girlfriend.


Yeah, I know high school humor comming fro a 34 year old father of 2. I couldn't resist. [b]Porky's[/b] and [b]American Pie[/b] are still two of my favorite films about kids [i]trying to get laid.[/i]
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Joined: 02 Mar 1999
Posts: 4963

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 9:39 am    Post subject: Fukk The Police!!! Reply with quote

I guess I'll post my own story. It's true, but fortunately, unlike you guys' it turned out ok:

It's a Saturday, I'm in Ohio[where I went to school at the College of Wooster]. I'm driving down some route or other[I think it was 3] coming from Akron, Ohio where I had just seen a killer Savatage concert.

Ok, so the speed limit is 55 going into town so I'm going around 6O, maybe a little over. I go into town and the speed limit is quite a bit lower so I slow down to just over 5 miles over the speed limit. I exit the town and resume my speed.

A couple of minute later I realize that a couple of police cars are following me with their sirens turned on, so I pull over on the side of the two lane highway, turn off the engine, cut the music, etc.

First cop comes up. He says the typical stuff- "hi good evening, do you know why I stopped you?"

I say that I don't know why. He says "the posted speed limit is 5O and you're going 62, in addition your left tire has been on the yellow center line for the last half mile"[I must say I will do this sometimes when there are no cars coming at me to avoid stuff on the side of the road- I don't think it's so odd considering I'm used to the city where you have to do it]. "Any explanations as to this behavior? Have you been drinking? Where are you coming from? Where are you going to?"

I say: "I'm sorry I'm really tired. I ran my long run today 1O miles, then I was standing up for 2+ hours at a concert in Akron, so now I'm just trying to head back home so I can sleep."

He doesn't buy it, "Was there any thing perhaps illegal going on at this concert?" [his exact words reminds me of something Psycho Cop said to someone in Psycho Cop 2]

I say "no there wasn't. Just some music and me standing for a couple of hours."

Again he doesn't buy it so he has me get out of the car and makes me do all these DUI tests, most of which just piss me off cause like I said, I ran 1O miles and stood up for multiple hours in a concert so standing on one foot and walking a perfectly straight line take some actual effort from me, but not because I was intoxicated in any way. He doesn't ask me the alphabet one[is that one just a myth or something?]

Not content with the positive results to me doing the tests, he points to the other guy in another car and says- "I've brought with me a narcotics expert tonight. If he does some tests is he going to find out that you are on anything? "

I say no, so then he asks whether he can search the car. Now I'm pretty sure I could have said no, but I had nothing to hide so I figured I'd let him do it and then maybe he'd stop hassling me. I was getting a little jittery cause I was so tired and it was cold outside and I didn't have a jacket. Maybe the guy noticed this and thought I was scared[well I probably was a little of that too, cause you don't know what kind of thing they were going to try to do to me. They didn't have any reason to lock me up, but they could still claim I was drunk I suppose since they were so set in proving that.

They search the car, find nothing. Still not ready to give up. They ask me for the last time whether I was doing something illegal[they use the word illegal instead of asking me straight out whether I was doing substances which is goofy since they were accusing me earlier of doing substances]. I say no. They ask again for the reason as to why my driving was sloppy. I give the tired answer.

So I guess, since they realized I wasn't going to crack up and they had nothing on me, they let me go with a warning. I'm surprised they didn't try to get me for speeding, but maybe they were embarassed about their inability to ruffle me up.

I don't feel bad for whatever I did that got them to pull me over. It was quite obviously a speedtrap sort of device, and at that time of night[2am], I think I could have been going a lot faster and still have been quite safe. But I don't do that that often and I was going a lot slower.

I'm just glad I got off, but I can see people's problems with police cause these guys obviously just wanted to **** with someone. If they didn't then they wouldn't have taken two cars to give a ticket to one guy.

I've tried to avoid that road ever since, especially since native Ohioans have told me the cops are tougher on that road. Now I just skip over it with other routes.
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