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black/thrash/death for glorious gallant [or anyone else]
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Joined: 02 Mar 1999
Posts: 4963

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:29 pm    Post subject: black/thrash/death for glorious gallant [or anyone else] Reply with quote

This is rather general. I don't have a monstrous collection, so maybe you already know all of these, but then again, someone else wants to get into thrash/black/death and they'll benefit even by obvious ones.


Annihilator- melodic. Extremely fast. Lots of riff changes. I guess they do time changes too, but they're playing so fast most of the time so it's hard to distinguish. I'm not big on this band, but, the guitarist, Jeff Waters is definitely a badass. This is probably the closest thing to Yngwie Malmsteen playing thrash as I've heard. It's fast, it's got crazy shredding, it's got crazy riffs. The vocalists usually sound terrible. The first album "Alice in Hell" actually is ok, but I'm not into their later stuff. Song to check out: Burns like a Buzzsaw Blade.

Anthrax- kindof a unique sound. Yeah they play pretty fast and heavy for some songs, but they mess around a lot too. They're best album is undoubtedly Spreading the Disease. Joey Belladonna's voice sometimes annoys me, but it's not really that bad. He actually sings sometimes unlike a lot of thrash guys. Song to check out: Armed and Dangerous.

Dark Angel- Bay area, heavy fast thrash. I think this band may have a little more melody than some, but I've only got a live album so I'm not sure. I've thought about checking out more from them, because what I've heard live is pretty good, but it's not as noteworthy as some of the others I want to check out [Onslaught- see below].

Death Angel- Crazy speeds ups and chugging. They also put weird spanish guitar passages in their songs. The first album is mostly instrumental [the 10 minute title track The Ultraviolence is purely instrumental]. The solos aren't very good, but they shift from one cool riff to the next pretty quickly so I don't really get bored with it. The next album was pretty regular thrash though it had some cool stuff on it. The third album has more stuff that isn't really thrash, but it mixed things up which was cool. Plus some songs were really rocking- the Organization is killer. The newest album, Art of Dying, is perhaps their best. A good mix of sounds. Some thrash, some heavy Motorhead type stuff. Vocalist sounds a little like Joey Belladonna, but does a range of other voices. he's pretty cool as far as thrash vocalists go. I'd try Mistress of Pain from the first album and Thrown to the Wolves from the newest.

Destruction- German thrash. Pretty brutal powertrio. Actually I don't have their albums, but I saw them live. I'm not really into them to be honest.

Exodus- It seems that to be a vocalist for Exodus you can't be a good vocalist- cause both Paul Baloff and Steve Souza are competing in the top ten worst vocalists I've heard. However, Exodus is pretty cool anyway. It's not like I listen to thrash or death for the vocals [well sometimes, but the guitars are center stage]. This is comparable to early Testament, Vio-Lence and other bay area stuff. Pretty damn heavy. Good grooves and riffs overall. I think it's worth checking out for thrash fans, though I dig Testament and some of the other bands more. Check out the title track to Bonded by Blood. Pretty good live.

Kreator- I only have one album, Coma of Souls, but want more. The vocals are terrible squeaky, borderline death at times vocals, but the guitars really slay. Sometimes it sounds sort of like slayer, but more complex, other times it reminds me a bit of something else like Megadeth or Annihilator or something. Pretty good. I think Pleasure to Kill was supposed to be their best, I haven't tried to find it in a while. Coma of souls is worthwhile in it's own right.

Megadeth- they were pretty killer. Get all of them. Priority on Peace Sells probably. The only people that don't like Megadeth's thrash years seem to dislike Mustaine's voice. Compare'd to Steve Souza and Randy Burns [Annihilator] he's Rob Halford or something. What's the complaint? Pretty good live, although nowadays most of the stuff they play is post thrash era.

Metal Church- they border on just plain old school metal, but they're pretty heavy and fast. Whatever. the first three albums are good. After that they're still alright, but not very thrashy. the first album is the most consistent, but The Dark and Blessing in Disguise [with a different vocalist, in case you can't stand the vocals on the first two or vice versa] is are also good. Check out Beyond the Black, Ton of Bricks, and Badlands. Each of those is killer. Not exactly obscure stuff. Good to sing along to too. Decent live, although their new vocalist isn't as good as the ones on these early releases.

Metallica- I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that the first three have good material to hear. Just in case there's someone on here who's never heard metal before- check out Master of Puppets title track and Creeping Death. I thought they sucked live, but it was 1997 already so...

Nuclear Assault- Fast paced east coast thrash. Like Anthrax [Danny Lilker played bass on Anthrax's first album], Nuclear Assault don't take themselves too seriously. They've got songs with cool lyrics- Freedom Dies is interesting to listen to with our current political situation [it was written in 1990 however], they've also got short ditty type songs. It's got a slight hardcore influence, which mostly comes out in the vocals which are often shouted. I kindof dig the vocalist's style though. This isn't bonecrushingly heavy. it's just fast fun thrash, with some good shout along choruses. Check out Handle With Care- that's the best I've heard. For a song: Search and Seizure or Emergency.

Onslaught- British thrash. I haven't heard the first two albums, but they're rumored to be quite good. The third album features Steve Grimmett from Grim Reaper on vocals. I thought Grimmett sounded awesome in Grim Reaper, and he's still awesome here. I'd say the closest comparison here would have to be Metallica, but Metallica doesn't have this dude on vocals. In Search of Sanity is the name of the album and the title track is awesome. Welcome to Dying is another one I enjoy.

Overkill- The first four albums are all quite worthwhile. Some like the rawness/brutality of the first one. I'm a little more into the fourth album Years of Decay. It's got a more refined sound, but it's still fast and heavy. Listen to Elimination from that album. You won't regret it. I think Bobby Gustafson was one of the overall better 80s thrash guitarists- both his rhythm guitar playing and lead playing are cool. Maybe not a master at either, but still cool. I like the vocalist in this band too. He's kindof like a cross between Mustaine and some better or classical metal vocalist. Sidenote: this band is awesome live.

Sodom- blackmetallish vocals, simple thrashy guitar. I'm not a fan.

Slayer- I'm guessing everyone already knows that this was one of the heaviest bands around. Just buy Show No Mercy through South of Heaven {i'm not into Seasons in the Abyss for some reason]. South of heaven may be the best all around with some good variety, though Reign in Blood is the fastest and heaviest, and Show No Mercy is comparable to Kill em All. Songs to check out: Behind the Crooked Cross, Antichrist, Altar of Sacrifice. Consistently professional live.

Testament- heavy stuff. Pretty simple songs, mostly fairly fast with some good chugga chugga type stuff for ideal headbanging/moshing/fistpumping. One of the best lead guitarists um ever. Certainly my favorite in thrash. Buy Legacy and Souls of Black. the title track from Souls will give you an idea of what I'm talking about good riffs and solos. I sortof dig their vocalist too. His voice is actually kind of cool. From the Legacy checkout Raging Waters or the Haunting. None of this band's albums is that bad though. I'd go for the Skolnick years [First 5 albums]. Pretty good live.

Vio-Lence- Brutal Bay area thrash. Not without melody. I dig their first album Eternal Nightmare. The vocalist is annoying though. Check out the song Kill on Command.

Whiplash- fast stuff. Pretty oldschool thrash like the song they take their name from. Didn't really leave a big impression, but it wasn't bad.


Arch Enemy. They were more melodic, but now they've gotten heavier and more intense. I liked it when they were more melodic, especially with the instrumentals on the earlier albums. Their first vocalist, Johan Liiva's voice actually wasn't too offensive either [the new vocalist, an attractive woman who happens to be the guitarists girlfriend, is alright, but sometimes it's too much]. I recommend the third album, Burning Bridges. Check out Dead Inside or Silverwing. the others with Liiva are also nice. Black Earth is almost as good as Burning Bridges [probably a little more aggressive, but it's just as melodic at the same time- there's less instrumental breakups]. I enjoy the new albums, and they are a killer live show, but that's something else altogether. The sound has gotten a lot harder, and I've already mentioned the vocalist change.

Carcass- features Michael Ammott from Arch Enemy before he had his own band. I don't find the vocalist too offensive. Some of the riffs are amazing. The leads are the most incredible thing about the band. I think most people find Heartwork to be the best. So I'd just try the title track and Arbeit macht Fleisch. Buying the album blindly isn't even such a bad idea. Fans of old school death metal like it because it's heavy. Fans of more melodic death [me for one] like it because the guitars are amazing. Good stuff. If you're into melodic stuff don't listen to the earlier albums because they don't have the melodic guitars. I found them to be somehow mesmerizing, but there are things I'd rather listen to.

Dark Tranquility- keyboards in a death metal band? effects? I don't know but it seems to work pretty well. Some cool melodies and a lot of heaviness. I've got their latest two. Damage Done is well worth checking out. My favorite tune is Cathode Ray Sunshine.

Death- I'm not a huge fan, but I'd like to get more of their stuff. It's insanely complex really. Really impressive, but not as cohesive as a lot of stuff I listen to. Chuck Schuldiner certainly was a badass on guitar.

Gardenian- I'm mostly putting them on here, because I've heard them and thought they were run of the mill. If you dig melodic death you might have some fun listening to these guys, but they aren't anything spectacular. They were one of the first to use clean vocals though.

In Flames- the second album is the best melodic death album I've heard. great sense of melody. Lead guitars and rhythm guitars are coordinated very well. They sort of lost this style after their third or fourth album, but whatever. Anyone who wants to hear an awesome metal song should find the song December Flower from Jester Race. Whoracle was also pretty killer, and so was the first album and ep, but Jester Race should be the first on your list.

Opeth- It seems like they shouldn't be on the list. They're too progressive. Anyway, I love their first 4 albums. The first one - Orchid is my favorite. I recommend someone check out When from My Arms Your Hearse for the later sound for this band [they kindof changed on that album]and In the Mist She was Standing if you want to hear their earlier stuff.

Soilwork- I'm not a big fan, but Chainheart machine has some good melodic lead work and crushing riffs and speed. Millionflame is the song to check out.


Bathory- I've got two of their more famous ones and want more. Blood fire Death is a big influence on some of the symphonic black metal that came later. Its kindof thrashy too. Awesome really. A Fine Day to Die is of particular note. Hammerheart isn't black metal, because the Quorthon doesn't rasp, but actually sings. It's kindof like Manowar almost what with the viking themes and choirs and sound effects and everything. It's pretty cool, but not black metal, and not as good as Blood Fire Death.

Burzum- Varg Vikernes has the most disturbing voice I've ever heard. he really does sound like a f**k demon. I guess he'd be in touch with that as he's a murderer, nazi and church burner. Not sure if you want to support him knowing that. His music is said to have influence in the black metal scene, and certainly his persona did. I don't think he's that great. very, very dated oldschool black metal. If I'm going to listen to oldschool black metal then I prefer the early Emperor, Mayhem, and Immortal stuff.

Cradle of Filthy- not true black metal, but they've got some elements. The riffs are pretty cool and they've got some good atmosphere going. You can tell from the way they overdo things that they're poseurs though [although if you compare it to guys who actually murder people, rape, or burn churches then maybe it's better to be a poseur- still pure blasphemy gets a little irritating after a while]. I've got the album Cruelty and and the Beast. It's good.

Dark Throne- I'm not impressed. They're known as one of the early black metal bands along with Mayhem and all them, but they're sound is so raw and crappy, I just can't get into it. maybe it's not worth saying because most of these bands have admitted to being attracted to satan, odin, and nazism, but this band seem to be one of the ones that likes to flaunt their "antisocial" behaviors a little bit too much.

Dimmu Borgir- they're supposed not particularly black metal. I've only heard their later stuff where they are definitely a little bit more goth or symphonic than regular black metal. It's not bad stuff, but it's also pretty tame and not very original next to some other stuff.

Dissection- Another murderer. Whatever, this band is actually awesome. It borderlines on melodic death sometimes and Jester Race/Lunar Strain from In Flames wouldn't be that far off in some ways [this album has the folky interludes for one]. They are supposed to come out with a new album soon, because the vocalist/guitarist got out of prison recently. The second album- Storm of Lights Bain- is worthwhile. Check out the song - Unhallowed.

Emperor- the kings as far as I'm concerned. In their raw black metal years they were good, with good energy and interesting songs. their mid period stuff where they developed into a more refined black metal band were really cool. and their symphonic/thrashy post black years were cool too. The lyrics have always been enjoyable for me, because I think that while a number of these black metal guys were fairly intellectual, many of them were just acting out on their teenage fantasies to be different. Ihsahn, Samoth, and Mortiis captured a lot of the ideas in a more intelligent manner, and tied some of the emotion into the songs. There's satanic stuff, norse stuff, some general evil of mankind stuff. I've always prefered the norse and evil of mankind stuff, but in general the band did well. Ihsahn's voice is fairly versatile and he does some King Diamond type screams here and there along with the typical blackmetal rasp. Check out the album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk for starters. It's refined, but still quite black. Ye Entrancemperium and Loss and Curse of Reverence are as good as any to check from that album. My favorite album is probably the thrashier next album IX Equilibrium. Warriors of the Modern Death or anything else on that album is cool.

Enslaved- I haven't heard their early days, but they were known to be good. Nowadays they've got a slightly progressive sound. A fair amount of melody. It's good, but the riffing isn't what I'm used to with black metal. I'm more for that grinding sound that sort of lulls you into a trance and the atmosphere, while a few bars later they throw in some really pounding riff like the one in A Fine Day to Die or in the Middle of Unhallowed by Dissection. The riffs here are almost regular metal. Still Isa is a good album and is worth checking out.

Hollenthon- I'm not sure if this belongs in death or black. I've seen them listed as black, but the vocals are mostly choir an operatic, much like therion. Pretty cool actually. I think it's a bit more complicated than therion too. Therion is a good band by the way, which used to be death, but is now a symphonic metal band with choirs and opera singers rather than death vocals. Same story with Hollenthon. Hollenthon's best is probably With Vilest Worms to Dwell. I can't decide what the best from Therion is. None of the post death metal albums are bad, though sometimes it starts to all sound the same.

Immortal- their early days were more basic black metal grinding, but they were good- not as good as Emperor, but still good. Later on they went on to be more like regular metal with black vocals and some black metal riffs thrown in with the regular ones. Their final album Sons of the Northern Darkness is awesome. And You should try it out.

Lux Occulta- borderline death/black/goth/occult/proggy. Whatever. If you want to hear something with really cool atmosphere, drums, keyboards and killer original arrangements get My Guardian Anger or Mother and the Enemy. Preferably the former.

Mayhem- a big influence on the scene in norway and so overall a big influence. I dig some of their stuff a lot actually. I have the live album Live in Leipzig featuring their now dead vocalist Dead [who committed suicide], their now dead guitarist Euronymous [who was killed by the bassist], their now in prison bassist Varg Vikernes [who was imprisoned for killing Euronymous], and their drummer Hellhammer. I suppose it's the cult appeal that led me to this release the most, but as far as early blackmetal goes this is pretty good. very raw -well of course it's live in some shitty bar- with some good grinding and screeching. Nice song intros. I wouldn't mind picking up some more Mayhem myself, though it doesn't seem like it'd be the same without the leader of the scene Euronymous.

Mithotyn- swedish viking black metal. the guitarist went on to form falconer. This band is kindof cool. Some good melodies and guitar playing. Andy La Roque produced their album King of the Distant Forest. As it's viking metal, it has viking themes. There's some folkiness and instrumentals as well, but they don't go as far as Moonsorrow, Dissection, or Suidakra. Not bad stuff.

Moonsorrow- Finnish viking metal. 10 minute songs, tons of time changes, folkiness. Almost sort of Opethy in overall approach, not that it sounds like Opeth in any way. Pretty decent, though I like black metal songs to be more in the 4-5 minute range, with an occasional epic. 10 minutes is a little much for me.

Old Man's Child- very melodic. Good guitars and riffs. reminds somewhat of melodic death at times. I have the album - Ill Natured spiritual invasion. it's cool stuff. Gene Hoglan on drums.

Peccatum- Ihsahn's band after Emperor. Takes on many sounds. Mostly black in the beginning but later some industrial and goth. given the right mood I dig the first album [strangling from within] especially the Song Which doth No Name Carry. but these albums get irritating if you aren't in the right mindset. Definitely not on Emperor's level.

Suidakra- closest comparison would be mithotyn or dissection. Actually I found mithotyn while looking up suidakra. they used to be more blackmetallish with folky/celtic melodies, but they started doing a different style of riffing on some things and ended up being heavy metal with celtic melodies and death/black vocals. then the vocals became even more melodic death as they sortof tried to cop soilwork's sound on their latest album. I like the mid period albums the most Auld Lang Syne and The Arcanum. Auld Lang Syne is more on the black side of things, while The Arcanum has just insane riffs. If you can find the song The Arcane Spell or Wartunes then you'll get an idea for what Im talking about. The only thing with this band is that 1- the clean vocalist actually has a good original vocalist so I wish he'd do all the vocals, and 2- the celtic tunes get to be a bit much if you listen to the albums too much. then again you get killer riffs and melodies in every album. Check out the Arcanum.

Hopefully that helped someone else. Hopefully Hardradio actually lets me post this whole thing.
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The Glorious Gallant

Joined: 23 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:40 pm    Post subject: hiiii Reply with quote

hey jake

thank u very very much for all this help. i reeeaaally appreciate it.

if u dont mind i have another question about death and black,

are lyrics and song subjects the #1 reason to classify a band/song/album as black/death or is it the way guitars and drums being played (riffs and blastbeats)?

i wonder if non-satanic/blasphemous black/death do acctually exists....

some guys told me that VADER and newer MORBID ANGEL have changed their lyrical approaches, although are still classified as death metal

i noticed u are not impressed by black lyrics
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Joined: 02 Mar 1999
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's tough to distinguish sometimes. There a few differences:

1.Black metal has a raspier sound in the vocals usually. It's either screechier and higher screaming rather than growling or a demented whisper type of sound. Death metal tends to be more of a growl, but there are black metal bands that have more of a growl and death bands that have more of a raspy "strangled cat voice" I've heard it called. Certainly classic death has the "cookie monster" voice. which I can't really take.

2.classic black metal has a grinding guitar sound. It's kindof like punk in a way, but not. Very raw. It will have keyboards or a lead guitar to create more complex melodies on top. Between the grinding and the keyboards it comes off as somewhat more atmospheric. Death bands tend to be more riff based as far as I can tell. Just heavy as hell. They may put keyboards in the background, but the guitar has to be in the forefront. This distinction runs into problems when you have a band that plays some blackmetal type stuff mixed in with more conventional riffs, and not a lot of extra keyboards. That's probably why Dissection gets classified both ways. I think they sound more like a black band- others say melodic death. And also both black and death bands throw old school thrash type styles into their playing so sometimes it's hard to tell on any given style. Sometimes you have to look at what scene the band originally came from.

3.Death metal lyrics are traditionally about brutality, hate and control. The devil and chaos certainly came up as well. But these themes mostly just represent rebellion. Blackmetal lyrics are traditionally about darkness, the northern lands including vikings and their gods, isolation, chaos, and the devil- this time more literally I think. There's certainly crossovers in these lyrics as well. And some bands have moved far beyond the more primitive themes.

I'm actually more into black metal lyrics. I like Emperor's lyrics, and I think of the bands I've paid attention to, they have some of the more interesting ones. However, Immortal and the other Scandinavian bands also have songs about the northern climate and tradition and I find comparing there lyrics rather interesting. I just thought Emperor's stuck out more to me.

I don't think all death metal bands talk about brutality. And not all of them talk about it from a murderous point of view. I think most of those melodic swedish gothenburg bands that I like aren't really into that. Arch Enemy has a few, Soilwork might. Never that I've been able to decipher from In Flames or Dark Tranquility. Key is that their lyrics are written in a manner that either I get some other meaning out of them, or they are not glorifying death. Take Dead Eternity from In Flames for instance. It's not really the cliche song about death.

Opeth have songs about death, maybe even songs about killing- they usually fit into a larger concept in the album. I get this isolation sadness feeling from listening to their albums. Albums like My Arms Your Hearse and Still Life involve dying and death. But's theyr'e sort of a eulogy. An emotional journey. There's a look inward. A typical thrash or death song about that sort of thing finds a being led toward rage by the devil or himself and he himself has become a monster. It's usually not mentioned directly, but you get the "you scream in pain; I laugh; your tormentor is insane." or something about insanity. this is more lucid stuff.

I think you can probably find good lyrics in black, death, or anything else. Though I occasionally look at the lyric sheet, I'm mostly into which bands sound good. Even for bands that have actual singers I'd have to say I dont' look into the lyrics unless they are exceptionally catchy or if I hear something that sounds like the lyricist is thinking before he writes things down.
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The Glorious Gallant

Joined: 23 Jan 2006
Posts: 23

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:21 am    Post subject: thnx Reply with quote

thanx again jake

by the way , i tried a song from SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS which is TYRANTS , And i was surprised so hear integrated melodies and mature arrangments, i think i m develponing an interest towards that album.

if u dont mind , i have another Q in my mind....

despite the use of satanic lyrics in their music , why aren't CRADLE OF FITH or DIMMU BORGIR classified as tru black metal?

P.S. Dissection sound interesting , wut songs do u recommend for a beginner?(particualry melodic ones)

Thnx again
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Joined: 15 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am more into 80s black/thrash/death metal. I love VENOM very much, the first two albums by ONSLAUGHT, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, old BATHORY, POSSESSED, MANTAS/DEATH, DEATHSTRIKE, NME....also i love the 80s brazilien bands like SARCOFAGO, SEXTRASH, HOLOCAUSTO, MUTILATOR, TAURUS, VOLCANO....and all those glory german thrash bands like DESTRUCTION (my fave together with KREATOR), SODOM, TANKARD, DARKNESS, PROTECTOR, VIOLENT FORCE, ASSASSIN, LIVING DEATH and a very very long etc...
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little allan

Joined: 08 Feb 2006
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Location: london,england

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

grab a copy of the 'sons of northern darkness' album as it is superb.also check out the song 'antarctica' from the same album.Cradle of filth have always got a hard time here in the UK as happens when any extreme band crosses into the mainstream.the same goes for Dimmu Borgir although i do like their music.Darkthrone can be a bit hit and miss when choosing their albums.i like the 'plagueweilder' and 'soulside journey' albums.Emperor's 'anthems to the welkin at dust' is also another classic.
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The Glorious Gallant

Joined: 23 Jan 2006
Posts: 23

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:51 pm    Post subject: hi Reply with quote

hi guys its me again,

i just have one last question,

does listening to black/death metal lyrics neccessarily mean that one is promoting such subjects like the occult and satanism?Or is music completely separate from one's personal believes?

forgive me if my question is too "silly"

some guys told me: "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHEN LISTENING TO METAL IS TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND", i m not sure wut exactly this means... Rolling Eyes
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Joined: 02 Mar 1999
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not absolutely sure why Dimmu Borgir aren't considered true black metal, but I think it's because they went too far with the symphonic keyboard type arrangements. Some people actually enjoy that sound more than regular black metal. They also went a little "commercial" with their sound. Cradle of Filth aren't true blackmetal for similar reasons- too popular [it's not true to be popular], and they have influences that don't sound very blackish. Emperor sort of ended up not being true blackmetal, but more than half their career is considered to be classic black metal, so they dont' get the same criticism. Plus their newer stuff is still crazy. It just doesn't have the classic black metal sound.

As far as people believing the lyrics they write, you could check out this book called Lords of Chaos by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind. It has interviews with a bunch of black metal players, and an overall history of satanic music.

Or just look up the following names on the internet- Varg Vikernes/Grishnacht, Ihsahn, Oysten Aerseth/Euronymous, Bard Ethun/Faust, Samoth, Hellhammer, Per Ohlin/Dead. You'll see that these key players in the Norwegian black metal scene were determined to prove that they were evil. They participated in church burnings, murder, suicide, and satanism in varying degrees. Ihsahn [Emperor guitarist/vocalist] is interesting because he still stands by satanism. I find it interesting because for him it's a balance in nature that he finds from it. Like a real religion and not so much focus on "evil."

Regardless of who sings the lyrics or what the lyrics are, I believe that many of black metal's empowerment messages are actually positive [like a lot of metal tends to do in some way]. The lyrics about hate and destruction represent another aspect of human life. The bands and their lyrics are like in every other genre of music- some are good, some are bad.
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little allan

Joined: 08 Feb 2006
Posts: 24
Location: london,england

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i think Jake has made some good points there.i love Black Metal music but am in no way a satanist or have any inclination to be one.For me it is the music not the meanings behind the lyrics.I love the symphonic Black Metal such as Dimmu Borgir as it brings a new dimension to the music.I do think in the early days the music was all about who could be the most shocking and outrageous and things have setteled down and does anyone want to spend their life in prison like Varg Vikirnes and Faust are?.
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