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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2000 10:33 am    Post subject: ROB HALFORD UPDATE FOR 1/24/00 Reply with quote

Posted by Rob Halford himself:


I just read some non-sense that John Baxter has been dumped by me so I could
be managed by the
Sanctuary Group. Let me take a moment to refute the non-sense and share my
point of view.

It's important for me to say publicly that John is a vital and irreplaceable member
of my
organizations. All of my post JP releases happened because of John's drive and
dedication to see
that my career continued after leaving Priest.

Both our jobs were made difficult with the adverse changes the Metal music scene
through the last decade, so we tried to be a little creative during that period to
keep things
interesting. All said and done, we got some very good music out to you, as well as
some very
different type music than what people knew me for while in Priest. That pleased
me, internally

I ask you to take my thoughts to heart. You'll understand then why I have never
contemplated or
considered asking John to step down. If anything, I was shocked and unwilling to
agree with him when
he informed me of his desire to pursue other business interests outside of
personal management.

And of course, after I realized he was serious about leaving I did what any business
man would do. I
listened to what his professional needs were and asked him to consider stepping
away from music
management but consider overseeing all my business activities and be available to
me as a
consultant. He took a few days to consider the matter with his family and agreed to
do so. Again, I'm

Since his decision, John has hand-picked his successor and I couldn't be happier
with Rod, Merck and
the Sanctuary organization. These are great people and their staff are a delight to
deal with.

I strongly believe John has made my business team stronger, which isn't always
the case when an
artist loses management. His dedication in keeping my career moving forward
speaks volumes of
what type person he is.

In departing, I'm sure there is a great sense of pride within John knowing
Sanctuary will work as hard
as necessary to attain the exposure and success we all want the new recording to

John is working with the force of 5 in providing Sanctuary with all it needs to
effectively handle my
career, while serving as Executive Producer of my next release.

It will be my best solo effort as a result of John's and Producer Roy Z.'s vision of
what this recording
should feel and sound like.

From my perspective, feeling we have a special recording in the making, John has
increasingly more demanding, which is trouble if you know him, of what he expects
from myself, band
members, producer, studio personnel and everyone he involves in the making of
the new recording.
All the while maintaining an environment where we can all focus our energies into
making a timeless

All of you win as a result of his relentless attack to minute detail which will sway this
recording from a
predictable Heavy Metal release to a challenging Heavy Metal experience. One
which all of you will
find yourselves enjoying over and over at different moments in your life.

The negative rumor of John's departure is ridiculous, invented and spread by an
few. My thoughts are here to provide you with a better understanding of what is
taking place, and how
important his role is in issues which affect each of you as well as myself as music
fans, because he
deserves yours and my respect.

Let's keep our focus on the good, the music, our relationships, and let's focus on
seeing each other
later in the year.

Rob Halford

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