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Knuckletracks XXXVIII out

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 2:53 pm    Post subject: Knuckletracks XXXVIII out Reply with quote

The much-delayed most recent BW&BK contains, interestingly, a twice-erroneous Knuckletracks disc. I can't imagine what held up the release so long, but I guess they felt at some point that they just couldn't wait any longer. Anyway...

1. Entombed, "I For An Eye", from _Morning Star_. Entombed does death-rock...as if anyone else does it better (at least at these down-to-earth speeds). Rating: 4
2. Carnal Forge, "Hand Of Doom", from _Please...Die!_ Got an early frontrunner for my favorite album titles list! Anyway, this song's more melodic than what they've done before, more Soilwork than The Crown. Definitely good, though I'm mildly worried that this might be the beginnings of their becoming, well, just another one of the crowded pack. Rating: 4
3. Drowned, "The Most Destructive Art", from _Bonegrinder_. Never heard of these guys - semi-melodic death metal. Not bad. Rating: 3
4. King Diamond, "Mansion In Sorrow", from _Abigail II: The Revenge_. Frontrunner for my least favorite album titles list. I just never, ever, ever liked KD - never liked his voice, his songs, the production on his albums, or the fact that he's the only guy in the band who dresses the way he does. This further cements my opinion. Rating: 2
5. Therion, "Midgard", from _Secret Of The Runes_. Erroneously listed as Grave Digger's "The Grave Digger". Still, this is one of the really cool songs on here - great solo, vocals that redefine the word "soprano" for you. Rating: 5
6. Silent Fury, "Fall Into Oblivion", from _Infatuator_. I was prepared to hate this, because on top of the initial suspicion I had about a Primal Fear side project that reportedly sounds just like _Painkiller_-era Priest (raises eyebrow), I heard the title track and it was freakin' terrible. But this ain't bad at all - I don't know much about D.C. Cooper, but he sounds good in these middle ranges, though he could use a little more, uh, "fire". Cool chorus. Rating: 3
7. Therion, "Asgard", from _Secret Of The Runes_. Another cool track from this album, and the only one they were supposed to include. Rating: 4
8. Charnel House, "The Final Scream", from _From Birth To Burial_. Nothing special - bland, by-the-numbers death metal, like good Six Feet Under. Rating: 2
9. Naglfar, "The Brimstone Gate", from _Ex Infernis_. I don't know much about this band, but I really dig this song, like a black metal version of Alastis mixed with a little Dark Tranquillity. Rating: 4
10. Burnt By The Sun, "Dracula With Glasses", from _Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution_. Sounds like nu-metal with a blastbeat section. Please, God, no. Rating: 1
11. Into Eternity, "Elysium Dream", from _Dead Or Dreaming_. I still haven't decided if the mysterious addition of that keyboard track at the end makes this a better song (it is interesting, though), but this, while not one of the two or three best songs on this album, is good stuff. Rating: 5
12. Borknagar, "Gods Of My World", from _Empiricism_. Now, this IS one of the two or three best songs on this album. Rating: 5
13. Evergrey, "Rulers Of The Mind", from _In Search Of Truth_. Ditto. Rating: 5
14. Twisted Sister, "Never Say Never", from _Club Daze Vol. II_. One of two new tracks on this album. If you've got a soft spot for TS's "hero rock" (i.e. the kind of rock you always hear at the end of movies about football), this'll probably do it for you. This isn't something I'll ever go out of my way to listen to, but it's fun when I do come across it. Rating: 4 (barely)
15. The Scream Clan, "American Hair", from _American Hair_ demo. Sounds like Skid Row circa the S/T, with cheekier lyrics. Even the singer kinda reminds me of Bach. Not bad for what it is - I probably would've ate it up and asked for seconds when I was 16. Rating: 3
16. Andrew W.K., "Party Til You Puke", from _I Get Wet_. Two, count 'em, TWO riffs, sort of an electronics-heavy punk thing. Brevity and a singlemindedly fun attitude keep this from being a truly obnoxious 1. Rating: 2
17. Damaged, "Don't Spit", from _Do Not Spit/Passive Backseat Demon Engines_. More generic death metal. Rating: 2
18. Twisted Sister, _Never Say Never_ (again!). C'mon, I wanted to hear that Pissing Razors song that's listed here. Not that I expect to love it, but I wanna hear the band that people say "sounds like Pantera, but without the suck". No rating.
19. Lockup, "Detestation", from _Hate Breeds Suffering_. VERY brief, and the production sucks. I still don't really see the point of this band, even Nick Barker's drums pretty much hard to be impressed by when they sound like this. Rating: 2
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