HardReviews 5
by Martin Popoff

Tom Shannon - Warman's Kiss Collectibles Field Guide
(KP Books)

At 4 1/8 inches wide, 5 1/4 inches high and a hefty inch thick, this is a strange little book that Shannon imagines you carrying into the "field" as you hunt down nuggets painted black white and silver that go boom along with the opening chords of Black Diamond. Just kidding, this field guide nonsense was always just that. But damn it if this tidy tome isn't a gorgeous document of Kissmania, stuffed with excellent full colour photography (on sturdy semi-gloss) of all manner of Kiss collectible (mags, games, tab books, disposable cameras!), Shannon not shying away from addressing extensively recorded music as well as straight merch. One minor complaint is all the space wasted with VG, EX and NM prices for everything - this has gotta stop in these books. Simply take a few lines to assign some declining percentages based on condition and be done with it. Even still, ranges are assigned -stop! Another suggestion: include the price along with the descriptive text under each photo. Nice touch, closing with an interview with Bill Aucoin, the manager that meant so much.
Rating 8