Hard Reviews 5
by Martin Popoff

Orange Goblin - Coup De Grace
(Rise Above) A bit more hillbilly than past rote records, Coup De Grace follows the tenor of the times and is more of a funtime drinking sludge rocker, a little more trailer park, if indeed they have such things in Britain (probably called caravan gobstoppers or lorryshires). So there's a little more of the punk power poppin' new Fu here, eccentric but sort of small and twee, self-deprecating and simply more personable and pleasuredome Kiss Army invite-able because of it. No one's going to be allowed to call this objectively ambitious, or even breathtakingly artistic due to arguable abstracts. But little pockets of shiftless musicologists, with the right alcoholic medication combined with the right home hi-fi conditions and settings - maybe with a live show at The Fork & Faddle or Nottingporkshire Civic Hall - will presumably see warm thick power chords shooting across the sky like the Northern Lights. Orange Goblin is a franchise with such possibilities, however remote they may be. And they've got a wicked name. Bloody 'ell, always fond of that one from the second I 'eard it. Top drawer, mate. Cheerio.
Rating 7