HardReviews 5
by Martin Popoff

Gary Moore & Friends - One Night In Dublin: A Tribute To Phil Lynott
(Eagle Vision)

Nice... nice all around. Not so great that Phil died, but nice that there was a state unveiled on what would have been his 56th birthday (he died in January of '86, at 36), and nice that the boys would play a mindful Thin Lizzy gig for him the next night at a large but cozy theater. Strange there's no John Sykes, and less strange that a few others, like Snowy White and Darren Wharton weren't there, but you did have Gary Moore leading the show, always on stage and almost always singing lead. Then there was Scott Gorham for a spell, and Brian Robertson, and even Eric Bell, who sang and chimed on Whiskey In The Jar. Best though is seeing an unrecognizable Brian Downey adding his deft and swift touch, absolutely rock solid and so fluid at once, his drums captured clearly scintillating. Song choices? Not great, and only ten and a half, including a non-Lizzy Moore track to open, and snoozer Parisienne Walkways to close - huh? The sound is great, the stage, colourful, Brian Robertson looking like a ragged rock 'n' roller, Bell like a nice bloke from the pub. The interview footage is professionally done, deftly interspliced, offering a well-rounded history of the band, plus an often amusing sense of the larger than life Phil. Footage of the statue unveiling completes the circuit, and a tribute has finally - and tastefully - passed.
Rating 7