HardReviews 4
by Martin Popoff

Quest For Fire (Tee Pee)

Quest For Fire is a Toronto stoner rock act formed from the ashes of The Deadly Snakes and to a lesser extent Cursed. What they get up to (in this 31 flavours genre), is a sort of druggy post-psych akin to Hawkwind and Monster Magnet, with less discipline, along with airy detached vocals and a penchant for discovering cool, distorted textures to massage into their tribal haze. Students of hi-fi stereophonics and masters of the sweet herb should dig this, as there's enough going on to escape the stunned shoegazer Zen mantra abyss of (double redundant) empty nothingness in which the too-cool-for-songs set often find themselves... wading and wandering. Six songs, 43 minutes, fuzz everywhere.
Rating 7

When Sweet Sleep Returned (Tee Pee)

Tee Pee continues in its quest to offer new music that sounds like old, this third record from San Francisco's Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound rocking like Soft White Underbelly/Stalk-Forrest Group, namely the Blue Oyster Cult before they got a deal. Ergo there goes driving, swirling hippie rock like heavy Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Byrds, layered up with acoustics but general loud and energetic. There's a Big Elf vibe to this in fecund creative spirit, but this is much more loose and ragged, Crazy Horse also coming to mind, but real West Coast psych like. Ends with two tripped-out fuzz rockers like geographic approximates Blue Cheer on their more exploratory, less celebrated post-Vincebus albums.
Rating 7