HardReviews 5
by Martin Popoff

Ted Nugent - Full Bluntal Nugity Live

Ted ain't no Led, but the width and breadth of this DVD should be a big a story as the much publicized Zeppelin have been garnering with their cinematic brilliance. It's a delight to see the history of the Ted Nugent band has been captured over the years, Full Bluntal Nugity offering old footage with consummate vocalist Derek St. Holmes and the rest of Ted's classic line-up, ancient shots of Ted discussing guns, Ted in full glory at the heroic California Jam II, Ted riding a buffalo on stage, even the Journey To The Center Of The Mind film from '67. But kicking it over the top, you've got Ted's new and very potent band blasting through the hits, all with better sound than on the companion CD from last year. No mistake, this is a shockingly strong power trio and again, Zeppelin comparisons are begged - the music pushes and pulls with the weight of experience. Worth it for the post-show commentary from Ted alone, but stuffed (like a liberal who wanders onto Ted's property), with so much more. One mark off for the slightly dodgy navigational organization of Ted's Gonzo nation.
Rating 9

Various Artists - Best Of Both Worlds: A Tribute To Van Halen
(Versailles Records)

Versailles continues to tap into a bewildering assortments of unknowns and slightly knowns for competent versions of rock starry rock songs, this latest distraction offering six Dave tracks and six Sammy tracks - three solo and three VH from each. As usual, American Dog wins, Hannon crocodialing his way through Take Your Whiskey Home. Elsewhere, it's sort of surreal seeing Full Tilt (huh?) covering Mas Tequila (double huh?) and a Van Halen tribute band called 5150 do a dead-on identical version of Right Now. Closes with Steve Whiteman from Kix in front of a steamrolling version of There's Only One Way To Rock. In total, not embarrassing but a) no one cares about any of these guys - and it's not like they are demonstrating their personalities or interesting reworkings and b) three quarters of the songs aren't any good AS ORIGINALS.
Rating 5