HardReviews 6
by Martin Popoff

Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry

Two tracks in and you begin to realize this is a whole different band from the one who pounded out the average sludge one record back. Vocalist Jeff Shirilla is starting to sound like one of them 7" indie NWOBHM guys (all a variant on Satan's Brian Ross), while his band stuffs in more notes, quicker to the thick quick riffs and verses, sounding a l'il Spirit Caravan clean and accessible. That is until the old school speed (yes, speed!) of Deprogrammed and They, The Tyrants, the awesome underground grunge of Beyond The Mountain, the combative, monstrous Trouble of Rune, and fave rave of the eventful rock ride, Strange Benedictions, which sounds like Diamond Head crossed with Deadly Ted. Forsooth, Abdullah have really done a fetching job of mixing it up here, doing rote stoner, cooler redneck riffs (Four Horsemen, GN'R, American Dog), British metal from the early '80s, and American metal from '72 (or, er, what we all imagine exists out there... somewhere), all the while offering an astonishing quantity of very high quality lyrics, the best in the biz, really, thick, competent production and... that voice: detached, ethereal, na•ve and blessedly indie.
Rating 8