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by Martin Popoff

Wendy Moore - Into The Void ...with Ace Frehley
(Pitbull Publishing)

You will not be able to put this book down. In the jaw-dropping spirit of the Kiss & Tell books by G.G. Gordon Gebert, Moore gives a no-holds-barred insider look into the life of Ace, who comes off as pathetic and dribbling and drooling as he did in the Gebert books, basically of no redeeming value whatsoever. Shock me indeed, booze, coke, junk food, bad sex, trashy clothes and occasionally a bit of music fill up the pathetic lives of Ace and his randomly firing personal assistant/girlfriend. And what to make of Moore? Well, she just is who she is and writes about it competently and without shame. Late in the book it is actually her and her f-buddy on the side that get into heroin, Ace briefly looking like an Eskimo angel in comparison. Into The Void becomes a bane and validation for the misogynist lurking in many metalheads. She comes off variously as a groupie, a career opportunist (with no hope of a career in music), catty about other women, into clothes, stupid, and of course a druggie... basically everything that can turn a guy into a Gene Simmons. She found Paul Stanley aloof? Damn, I wouldn't give her five minutes of my time either - I'd actually be afraid, whereas Paul, whose seen a ridiculous amount more of life than I have, just sized her up correctly and kept his distance. After all is said and done, this is a book about all the accusations of fakeness and rottenness anybody ever leveled at people from LA. I love the candid, casual photos, and I love the little glimpses into some of the mundane aspects of life as Kiss. Yes, shocked I was... I gotta get out more. I really don't know too many people that are this badly put together. Still, I couldn't help looking at another side of Ace that didn't fit the asshole image, that of the man sitting at the computer getting pretty good at graphics. Go to www.pitbullpublishingllc.com and get this book, although if you're like me, it'll just make you sad and want to circle the wagons around your family.
Rating 8

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