With Bernie Versailles & Juan Garcia
By Bob Nalbandian

AGENT STEEL recently unleashed their latest metal masterpiece Order Of The Illuminati to the metal world. I recently had a chat with duel guitar masters Bernie Versailles and Juan Garcia as we discussed their latest release on Artillery Music...

SHOCKWAVES: The new CD, Order Of The Illuminati, retains the Agent Steel tradition of pure molten metal! With so many bands changing their sound and style to "suit the times", Agent Steel has always stayed true to its traditional metal roots since the band's formation in the early '80s...
Bernie Versailles: There would be no way that we could completely change our style after all these years and get away with it. We would lose all of our fans. A lot of time has passed since the '80s, and we all have new and different influences, but our core influences for songwriting will always be the same. I'm sure hints of nu-school metal can be heard, but it's subtle, and you won't hear it unless you're looking for it.
Juan Garcia: I have no interest in changing our style of music. We started out being influenced by NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, etc. and since then we've developed our own style; so AGENT STEEL songs will always contain thought-provoking lyrics and crushing guitar driven metal.

SW: It seems as though many of the traditional US metal bands (that are still huge in Europe) are finally getting notice and respect here in their homeland. Bands like Iced Earth, Symphony X, Virgin Steel, Steel Prophet, Jag Panzer, etc. have all done successful tours throughout America and their record sales are certainly picking up stateside. What is your view on the current metal scene in the US?
Bernie V: Well, it's about time. Real talent will always be noticed, and it's time right now for the younger generation to realize that the "metal" that the big radio stations are feeding them is pretty weak.

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