AGENT STEEL Interview Page 3
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: The production of this new record is incredible...heavy as all hell! Bernie, you produced this CD along with the rest of the band. I know you've been quite involved in production these days, and were instrumental in the production of the Engine CDs [Bernie's other band]...
Bernie V: Thank you very much. A lot of blood and sweat went into this last production. My ears are still continuing to develop, and with every new recording I do, it seems to get better and better. Although I only got credit for the second ENGINE album, I did co-produce both albums.

SW: Agent Steel always had insightful, somewhat conceptual lyrics. Is there a lyrical concept to Order Of The Illuminati? If so, can you briefly explain?
Juan G: Bruce (Hall), our vocalist, wrote all the lyrics to the new album, and it is a half concept record starting with track 1, "avenger," and running all the way to track 6, "apocalypse". The running theme is based around conspiracies of an elite organized group who have a say in everything that goes around us in the world and their hidden agendas on control and manipulation of the masses and ultimately ending in enslavement of those who oppose the New World Order.

SW: Sounds like a movie in the making. Who are some of the current bands you admire and respect, as well as some of your early musical influences?
Bernie V: Funny you mentioned Symphony X earlier. I just saw them live recently when I played the ProgPower IV festival. Totally blew me away. I've been a fan for a while now, and it was inspirational to see them live finally. I'm also digging the new Soilwork. Cool stuff. My early influences are pretty much Maiden, Priest, Rush, and the guitar heroes like Randy, Yngwie, Uli, and Schenker.
Juan G: For me, I admire bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden for their longevity and metal offerings. As far as guitarists...Michael Schenker and Uli Roth, as well as Wolf Hoffmann (from Accept), Fast Eddie (early Motorhead) and a few others had a big influence on me.

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