By Bob Nalbandian

CD Index '03: The Complete Rock CD Collection
Author: John Strednansky (Unpublished 2003)

This actually isn't a publicly sold book, as the title implies, it is simply John Strednansky's Complete Rock CD Collection. But, to be honest, this is easily my favorite, and the most referenced, book out of the lot! Strednansky has the ultimate classic metal CD collection, and each CD is categorized here alphabetically by the artist's name, also listed is the label, country, year of release, and the producer. As I said, a great reference book. An equally referenced source is Popoff's publication (published in 1999) Goldmine Heavy Metal Record Price Guide, which has rightfully been referred to as the "metal encyclopedia." If that's the case, than Strednansky's CD Index '03: The Complete Rock CD Collection could easily be referred to as the "Heavy Metal Almanac." Where else can you find reference to the entire catalog of Budgie, Bow Wow, the underground '70s German band Lucifer's Friend, or 50 CD release titles from Deep Purple all in the same book? The only other source I can think of is Strednansky's Record Index 1994, which contains a listing of all his vinyl releases (an even better reference since it contains all the NWOBHM vinyl albums and compilations!).

I also thoroughly enjoy reading his top 200 albums of all time and his break down of top 20 albums by each year (from 1970 through 2003). Also included are two bonus CDs: The Old Testament, featuring new songs by metal legends, and the New Generation, featuring new songs by new metal artists (practically all German and Scandinavian won't find Limp Bizkit on this disc!). This book is very well collaborated and extremely informative. Stred (or St. Red) even put together a nice glossy, color cover (thanks Kinkos!). Like I said, not publicly available, but if you ever come in contact with St. Red, you be sure you ask him for your copy!