JOHN BUSH Interview
By Erik Fong

I'm not going to give you the history of John Bush because if you're on this web site you shouldn't need one. But if you need the rundown so you don't feel left out of the loop, visit They'll be glad to help you there. They'll also gladly lift your hand up for you so you can smack yourself upside your own head.

When I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago for college, Shockwaves Editor Bob Nalbandian, Tobe Baad and John Bush were the first three guys I met who were worth a shit. Though I haven't talked to John since 1999, I tend to fancy him as a distant, estranged, elusive father who always loved me but never took the time to get to know me because he was ashamed. But I still hope that one day he'll adopt me and we'll start a kickass father-son metal band that will change the world.

In honor of that DVD featuring that band that's coming out on that day through that label, we spoke with the Bush Man about everything from the new Anthrax album to Armored Saint's early years to the sex appeal of the Golden Girls. And if you want Armored Saint to play at your wedding, read very carefully.

Shockwaves: So how are things?
John Bush: Things are pretty good. Just trying to finish this Anthrax record that's taking forever. It's just been a long, drawn out process but we're at the final end of it.

SW: Is there a release date yet?
JB: No, not yet. We're still in a bunch of bullshit with the legal and business dealings that we have, which have been a nightmare. We're close to wrapping it up I hope, but the record itself is done. We just don't know when the release will happen because we don't know exactly what label it's going to be on.

SW: So you're still trying to get out of Beyond?
JB: Yes we are.

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