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By Erik Fong

SW: Tell me more about this Armored Saint DVD. When's it coming out?
JB: I'm not sure. It's an old one and we added a bunch of interview footage, it's called A Trip Thru Red Times. The "red" part is in honor of Dave Pritchard, who played guitar with us and passed away of leukemia in 1990. We added about five to seven other videos from various shows including the "Reign of Fire" and "Last Train Home" videos that we made for the Symbol of Salvation record. We did the interview segment yesterday, it was cool. We sent out an e-mail asking people if they wanted to ask us any questions and we tried to incorporate a lot of the questions people sent in. Regardless of what happened with our career - we never quite became this huge band with all the expectations that were upon us, including ourselves, and we never really lived up to them because of the way life goes in the music business and you can never be guaranteed of it - the greatest thing about Armored Saint is, we definitely had a lot of fun times and we continue to.

SW: Good. Well, let's talk about the bad times. What's the worst touring experience you've ever had?
JB: We did a tour after Symbol of Salvation came out in 1991. The whole making of that record - based on the fact that it looked like it was never going to be made because of Dave's death - the fact that we actually made it and the record came out sounding amazing, we were riding a high. And then we went out on the road and we ended up doing this tour that was just terrible. We had a lot of problems with our crew. We were all in a van, we had a tour manager at the time - Dan DeVita, who's gone on to do pretty well for himself - it was his first tour ever. He was pretty green. We had a crew that was trying to create a mutiny and a coup on Dan. It was just a really terrible experience. The shows were doing poorly. We were touring with Wrathchild America, and we had problems with them which have now been rectified. Brad [Divens, bass player/singer] and I are friends and everything is cool. At the time we had ego problems with one another which was ridiculous considering we were playing clubs to very few people. It was just a bad experience all the way around, enough to end the band at that point too.

SW: Do you still have all the old leather and spike outfits that you used to wear back in the day?
JB: I have the white leather jacket that I had added some armor to. It was funny, that was the second leather jacket that I got. My parents got it for me and I ended up cutting the sleeves off and they couldn't understand why. But it's got a lot of mileage, it looks awesome, I put it in a frame and it looks really cool. Yesterday when we did the filming for the DVD, everybody brought a little bit of the stuff they wore. We have it, it's cool, it looks like it should be in a museum.

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