JOHN BUSH Interview Page 5
By Erik Fong

SW: That's the same way I feel. It's going in the right direction, but I don't think that bands like the Hives and the Vines are it.
JB: Those bands seem a little too calculated. The Vines are just not even close to Nirvana, who they're modeled after. The Hives are trying to be the Rolling Stones. It's like, come on man, we've already seen and heard this. I don't know - they're just not the answer.

SW: Hypothetical situation: You've got a room full of Limp Bizkit fans who don't know who Armored Saint is. If you could educate them all by playing one Armored Saint song, which would it be and why?
JB: That's a good question. We'd probably play something like "Can U Deliver," because that's probably the song most associated with Armored Saint. I'm not saying it's the best song that we've ever written, but it is one that still stands the test of time. It's grooving, it has a great riff and a soulful approach to the singing, I think it's something that they probably would be able to identify with.

SW: Are you satisfied with your career?
JB: Well, I'm not satisfied financially with my career, by any means. As far as if I'm okay with the way things have gone in my career even though there's been a lot of frustrating downtimes, I'm okay with that. I'm still making records 20 years after the fact, and I think that says a lot. So, that part I'm really proud of, and I always wanted to be someone who had longevity. For us, when we started we didn't say, "Let's have one big record and fall away." We always wanted to be like the bands we were inspired by bands like The Who and Led Zeppelin, bands that were around for a long time. I wish certain things went differently, maybe a little bigger than they did, maybe some of the business dealings would have allowed us to make more money here and there, but you know, what can you do?

SW: How much would it cost to get Armored Saint to play at my buddy's wedding?
JB:[laughs] Well, I don't know, it depends. A wedding, would we have to play stuff associated with weddings or could it just be a Saint set?

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