JOHN BUSH Interview Page 6
By Erik Fong

SW: You could play some Saint songs but you'd have to throw in some cover songs. Maybe "Celebrate," or some Cutting Crew or some Boy George. Throw in some Elvis too. The grandmas need to dance, John.
JB: [laughs] I don't know. When we play in Los Angeles, we'll do a show where ticket prices are cheap but we want to get paid well - we usually ask for about $3000-3500. For a wedding, I don't know, maybe we'd do it for less, or maybe we'd do it for more because we'd be embarrassed. I'm not sure man, let me ponder that one. [laughs]

SW: Cool, we'll be in touch. Are you happy with the way Anthrax's Behind the Music special turned out?
JB: Yeah, I think it was pretty cool. Behind the Music specials are funny. They've become really predictable. It's a bit silly sometimes. But I think a band like Anthrax is deserving of a Behind the Music because, again, it's a band that's been around many years, and I think the stories surrounding the band are really interesting. Much more than Jewel. She's made what, three records, and they're doing a Behind the Music special on her? Come on, man, at least be around for 15 years. I was a little disappointed that certain things that I had said didn't come through but it doesn't matter. They did use a lot of things in relation to videos I was in, and live footage. The truth of the matter is that a lot of the Anthrax that people remember is still going to be the Anthrax of the Belladonna years, and that's okay. I'm here, and it's all about where we are right now.

SW: You're ten times better than that guy anyways.
JB: That's up to the individual's interpretation.

SW: No, it's up to me. f**k that guy.
JB: Well, that's fine, you can make that call. But as far as Behind the Music, they usually focus on the history of the band. It was cool, I was happy to be part of it.

SW: Can you remember the first time you ever sang in public?
JB: The first time I sang in public, which is actually quite comical, was at an all-girl Catholic high school.

SW: Nice.
JB: Yeah. So when we played, like 300 girls came. It was during lunch. So that was pretty cool, that was our first show ever, and it was in front of 300 girls in their little Catholic school girl outfits.

SW: Were you nervous?
JB: I'm sure I was.

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