Travis Ryan of CATTLE DECAPITATION Interview
By Greg Nalbandian

I sat down recently to talk with Travis Ryan, the lead singer of the gore-based death metal band Cattle Decaptitation, about their recently released, fourth album entitled, "To Serve Man". The music consists of guttural vocals, chaotic blast-beats and heavy riffs occasionally interwoven with semi-melodic guitars. What really sets them apart from the pack is their zany lyrics written from the perspective of feisty vegetarians with a vendetta against those who violate animal rights. As you can tell, this is by no means your average underground metal band. Continue on and take a peek into the mindset of this sick lyricist and gain an understanding of this band's dynamics.

SW: Shockwaves; TR: Travis Ryan

SW: How did you get involved in music and when did you get into heavy metal?
TR: Personally, I've been doing this stuff for years...about ten years. I think all of us have always been really into playing metal. Mainly Death Metal, more of the extreme type stuff. We've been in some hardcore/grindcore bands before too. Our band has been around since 1996.

SW: Who are some of your musical influences?
TR: Old Napalm Death and Carcass and Terrorizer--our bass player listens to a lot of Power Metal--old school Thrash and Black Metal even. We don't rely on our influences so much.

SW: You guys are pretty sick, I have to say...
TR: Thanks!

SW: I've read the lyrics and it's pretty imaginative stuff. A lot of gore-based death bands are the same way. What is it about Cattle Decapitation that makes it unique from the other bands?
TR: Um, we don't really fit into the typical Death Metal mold. We've got a lot of old school Grindcore in there. The politics are strictly limited to using the idea of vegetarianism and stuff--everyday horrors that nobody really pays attention to but everybody partakes in everyday. I'm kinda bringing that to light in a very brutal and gory manner. Pretty much to match-up with the feeling behind the music.

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