Travis Ryan of CATTLE DECAPITATION Interview Page 3
By Greg Nalbandian

SW: You say that you do most of the lyrics yourself?
TR: Yeah, I write all the lyrics and they write all the music. The way we do it is, they write the songs and put it on a tape and I just take the tape in my car. I'm usually writing in my car. I'll be walking around at work and I'll have the riffs in my head. I'll just think of somethin'...

SW: Is that how you came up with "Pedeadstrians"?
TR: That actually I came up with when I was in 9th grade. I would like the idea and I revised it. And I still feel that way about pedestrians. That's how I feel at every damn stoplight.

SW: Do the other members ever have any input on the content of the lyrics or do they just say, "Hey, do whatever you want"?
TR: You know, they never have. It's always been, "Do whatever you want."

SW: They never say, "Hey, wait a minute, you've gone too far"?
TR: No, no never. In fact I read them the lyrics and it's nothing but smiles all the way around.

SW: Do you get inspired from life or do you watch a lot of horror movies?
TR: Lately I've been getting more inspired by...I don't know...Life is depressing. So, depression I guess. Um, not so much mental anguish. Life's just hard. So that and just havin' a sick mind man, that's really just it.

SW: How about your friends and family, have they been a little bit frightened by the songs?
TR: They've all read some of the lyrics I'm sure. My mom said she read the whole album, front to back and she said the only song she had a problem with was "Pedeadstrians". Everything else she thought was pretty hilarious. She understands my sense of humor I think.

SW: So they don't lock the doors at night when you stay over?
TR: No. They're pretty comfortable. Not yet but man, I'm tellin' ya, I told them not to go buy it. "Don't buy it, don't listen to it. Pretend it doesn't exist. Just know I just had an album out. Do not go buy it." They totally went against what I said. They bought it, read it, looked at it...It's pretty embarrassing. It's like...I equated it to, you know, havin' your mom come down and stand above you [while] you're watchin' the new porno that you just bought.

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