Travis Ryan of CATTLE DECAPITATION Interview Page 6
By Greg Nalbandian

SW: PETA, which I could understand because you are vegetarians and you are for animal rights I suppose. But in particular, I'm curious about the link to The Church of Euthanasia.
TR: Oh, oh! Yeah um, let's see...I talked to one of those guys before. I don't think any piece of information should be rejected and I've always been more interested in darker elements. It's kinda just blatantly showing people what's out there. If you've seen their banner it's pretty blatant. It's always something different everytime you refresh the page. I don't know, I just like their site. It's blatantly disturbing. I can tell they have a little bit of quasi weird vegetarian nuances in there too. You know, hatred for humanity I guess.

SW: I found that it [the content of the site] goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics of your songs. I was reading and they said something like, "You should be a vegetarian but if you must eat meat you should resort to cannibalism." I thought I read that somewhere.
TR: Exactly. It's the same kind of mindset I think we got goin' on there. [Laughs]

SW: So just for the record, have you guys eaten anyone?
TR: [Laughs] I can't answer that!

SW: Ok, fair enough! As far as PETA is concerned, what main animal rights are you fighting for? Or are you just trying to raise awareness of the issues in general?
TR: Generally raising awareness. Personally I cherish animals to no end. So anything that's going to be on the side of animal rights I'm pretty much for. There's certain tactics they use that we wouldn't condone but, generally, [we're] just giving people the information. Making [it] available to people that usually wouldn't pay attention I guess.

SW: Do you guys have any pets or is that considered slavery for PETA?
TR: [Laughs] No, we have pets but I'm wondering sometimes if I should just let her go and do what she wants. I love animals.

SW: Is it a normal pet or is it like an alligator?
TR: [Laughs] No, I have a cat.

SW: Ok.
TR: Nothin' big.

SW: Not a lion right?
TR: [Laughs] No. We don't have a refuge in the back of my house for animals, though that would be nice.

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