By Bob Nalbandian

Greatest Hits
Virgin/EMI Records

Here is a band that still today sounds as fresh as they did nearly 18 years ago. Greatest Hits features 14 of the Ryche's "greatest hits" (a unique concept) from their six EMI albums recorded between 1984 and 1997. Most "greatest hits" packages portray the artist at their most commercial, uncreative low (i.e.: the "radio" hit.) But this is not the case with the Ryche! Even this band's most commercial songs displayed creative musical talent and lyrical prowess. Hence, some of their biggest hits were actually some of their best work.

Despite the two bonus tracks [i.e.: an inferior song or re-mix some corporate dickwad at the label sticks on a re-issued, re-mastered, or greatest hits album in hopes of generating more record sales], "Chasing Blue Sky," and "Someone Else," this disc is the essential record for the Queensryche fan. Highlights include; "Queen Of The Ryche" (from their debut EP), "Take Hold Of The Flame," "Eyes Of A Stranger," "Jet City Woman," and the band's biggest hit to date, "Silent Lucidity."

Peace Minus One
E-Magine Entertainment

Peace Minus One takes off where Ministry's New World Order left off! Metallic-industrial riffs, strong vocals and thought-provoking lyrics are featured throughout this 13-song disc. Rorschach Test is the brainchild of Seattle-based seminary school graduate James Baker (vocalist/lyricist) who, along with programmer Troee, have conjured up a sound that will appease a wide metal audience-from fans of Metallica, Venom, and Static X to fans of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and Skinny Puppy.

Produced by Neil Kernon, this marks the band's third release (their first for E-Magine.) It is evident that both James and Troee are seasoned veterans of industrial metal. The disc also features Nevermore guitar-whiz Jeff Loomis, who churns out some pulverizing guitar riffs. Highlights include the opening track "Toast," "Shocking," "Gridlock," Rollercoaster," "The Most Horrible Word Ever Spoken," and the title track. Rorschach Test is one of the better new metal bands to come out in the last decade. I highly recommend you pick up this CD, or download their music at

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