By Bob Nalbandian

Fields Of Disbelief

Thrash meets grind-core...This sophmore effort from the Razors is a masterful blend of grind-core riffs, hellacious double-bass fury, and gut-wretching vocals. Complimented by a production heavy as all living hell and tight, professional musicianship, the only hindrance is the screeching vocals which, like all grind-core bands, gets very old, very fast. Standout tracks include; "Fork Tongue" (great middle break!), "Three," "The Other Side" (probably the only song where you can actually understand the lyrics...sounding somewhat like Ozzy on Sabs "Hard Road"), and the title track. Definitely a must for fans of Sepultura, Fear Factory, Crowbar, and Pro-Pain.

Metal Blade

Supershine is an incredible new project teaming former Trouble guitar great Bruce Franklin with King's X master-vocalist/bassist Doug Pinnick. Unlike some of the other mediocre King's X collaborations, this is one combination that creates a definite chemistry! Mixing great '70s metal flare with a unique progressive tinge, this CD, not surprisingly sounds exactly like King's X meets Trouble! Franklin is one of the godfathers of the Sabbath-influenced, down-tuned "doom-metal" guitar riffs. His trademark guitar tone established Trouble as one of the premiere doom-metal outfits of the early-mid '80s, which inspired a legion of "stoner rock" bands in the late '90s. Mixing old-school metal mentality ala Sabbath and old Zeppelin, with fresh, dynamic progressions, this CD truly kicks ass! Adding to the musical genius is former Trouble drummer Jeff Olsen and King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill. Unlike the last few King's X CDs in which Doug Pinnick holds back his sheer vocal power opting for a more whining, 'grunge' approach, with Supershine, Doug goes balls out! Highlights include the powerful "Kingdom Come" (amazing riff in this song!), "One Night," "Won't Drag Me Down," "Candy Andy Jane," and the remake of the Grand Funk classic "Shinin' On." Infact, every track on this CD is brilliant. Buy this now!

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