By Bob Nalbandian

Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip
Kool Arrow Records

Hog Molly is Tad Doyle's (from the band TAD) new project, and their debut CD Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip is the first release on Billy Gould's (Faith No More bassist) cool new label, Kool Arrow. The band fuses several musical styles ranging from hardcore metal to garage punk to funk, sounding somewhat similar to early Powerman 5000. For those unfamiliar with Tad Doyle, he was one of the forefathers of Seattle grunge (long before the term "grunge" was thought up) and, although his band TAD never broke bigtime, he likely influenced a slew of the multi-platinum Seattle bands that followed suit. In all honesty, I felt TAD's music was mediocre at best (with the exception of a couple powerhouse tunes like "Greasebox"), but Hog Molly's music is a vast improvement showing much more diversity and innovation. Produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, L7), the sound is what you'd expect - raw and grungy. The opening cut, "Mr. Right," is a real ass-kicker, with loud, brutal guitar riffs atop Tad's raucous vocals. Powerful guitar and bass riffs are felt throughout this disc, especially on tracks like "Alcohog," "Bitchslapper," and "Pay check" (great metal riff!) which comes across like a modern day, jacked up AC/DC meets the Ramones meets early Metallica. Lots of energy and attitude, with an aggressive punk-metal fury reminiscent to the underrated early '80s British punk-metal kings Tank.

Unfortunately, like the majority of bands in this genre, the songs tend to mesh together toward the end of the CD. You got your standard angst-ridden '80s sounding punk rock anthems as well, including "f**k the Red Lights' and "Bloodpusher" (with that typical distorted opening bass line which is all too-typical of '80s punk.) At least Tad does seem to have a demented sense of humor and obviously doesn't take matters too seriously or think he's so damn righteous and will change the world with his profound lyrics and musical vision, like so many of today's pathetic, non-musical garbage you see and hear on MTV. I foresee great success with both Hog Molly and Kool Arrow Records. Being a composer for one of the most groundbreaking rock/metal outfits of the '90s (Faith No More), Gould definitely has the foresight and unique musical vision to make Kool Arrow a mega-underground sensation. Check them out at:

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