By Bob Nalbandian

Building The Machine

Glenn Hughes' latest, Building The Machine, is a funk-metal masterpiece and perhaps his best work to date. The opening track, "Can't Stop The Flood" is an all-out rocker showcasing the incredible vocal talents of Mr. Hughes, who, in my opinion, is one of the greatest vocalists in rock'n'roll (not to mention, a damn good bassist to boot!)

"Inside" is another highlight which again displays great vocals by Hughes as well as brilliant musicianship from guitarist JJ Marsh and drummer Gary Ferguson. Glenn's remake of his old Purple classic, "Highball Shooter," [originally released on Stormbringer, in which Hughes and Coverdale shared the vocal duties], and my personal favorite, "When You Fall" displays an incredible funk/metal beat, amazing vocals from Glenn, and brilliant guitar work from Marsh. Old-school rocker Pat Travers joins Glenn on guitar and vocals on their incredible funk-fueled rendition of the '70s R&B classic "I Just Want to Celebrate." And the Gary Moore-ish "I Will Follow" confirms Mr. Hughes is one of the best vocalists in rock music. Building The Machine is easily one of the best albums of the year.

Auburn Slip

A refreshing change in this era of crap-metal, Eve To Adam combine classic hard rock elements with a driving alternative twist. Taki Sassaris is a truly great vocalist showing exceptional soul and melody in his voice. Definitely a seasoned musician, as are all the players in this band. The songs tend to sound a bit trite after a while but Taki's powerful voice definitely gives the songs a stronger edge. Picture a more powerful and soulful Eddie Vedder, without the annoying whining and moaning. At times Taki reminds me of Nicky Moore [an incredibly great, blusy singer who once replaced Bruce Dickinson in Samson and also had a stint with Uli Roth's Electric Sun]. Auburn Slip is a great hard rockin' record with solid tunes and performances. Check out the tracks "Find Yourself Another" and the punkish "Birthmark." This band has the potential to go far.

Shockwaves CD Reviews Issue 5 Page 4