By Bob Nalbandian

Hollow Point

The four-song CD from this Houston, TX quartet is an impressive debut. Hints of Tool and Deftones ring clear, but the band seem to hold their one with unique, subtle vocal melodies. But what is truly refreshing about Dilate is the fact that, not once within the CDs four songs does vocalist Nathan ever employ that stupid-ass, angst-ridden "wannabe hardcore" vocal ranting that is ever-so-popular with today's nu-metal crop. Nathan sings with power and conviction, and has great control over his voice, even when he goes off on the closing track "Awakening." No rap-rock bullshit here either. The production is solid, with strong guitar and bass tones. The music tends to get a bit dreary at times but the dynamics keep the listener's interest. The band is young, and obviously still developing their sound, but they show promise and determination. Keep an eye out for this band.


Don't let Fozzy's lackluster live performance on WWE Raw deter you from checking out Happenstance, the latest effort by the self-proclaimed world's greatest heavy metal band. Chris Jericho and company deliver an album best described as "an old-schooler's wet dream"; whether you love or hate cover bands, how can you hate a guy on the most popular show in cable television raising the flag of metal every week in front of teenage Linkin Park fans? For their second Megaforce album, the band threw in a few more original songs that shred - the perfect fix for all thrashers out there.

As for the covers, you couldn't ask for a better performance from another cover band. While their version of Maiden's "Where Eagles Dare" lacks energy, Fozzy's rendition of the Scorpions' "Big City Nights" delivers hard and strong. But their cover of Accept's "Balls to the Wall" alone is worth the price of the album. Check it out and consider your balls (or lips) fully rocked. (Erik Fong)

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