By Bob Nalbandian


Rob Halford's second solo effort with his band Halford is even stronger than his debut CD Resurrection (which was brilliant), showing a more diverse musical approach. The band hasn't compromised in the least, the music is supreme metal, but with added textures and exceptional production from Roy Z, this album takes metal music to new heights! And Rob's vocals...what can be said? He sounds better than ever. Absolutely flawless, with screams that will literally send shivers down your spine! And the rest of the band, including Patrick Lachman and Mike Shlasciak (guitars), Ray Riendeau (bass) and former Riot drummer Bobby Jarzombek are all awesome musicians who play with brilliance and precision on this recording. Tracks such as "Betrayal," "Wrath Of God" and "Handing out Bullets" are balls out metal epics with Halford screaming like a banshee, while other cuts, such as "Crystal," "Golgotha," "Hearts of Darkness and "Sun" definitely show a departure in Halford's musical as well as vocal style with the latter two tracks displaying a profound middle-eastern feel. Virtually every track on this CD is brilliantly written with incredible diversity proving that the boundaries for metal music are truly limitless. Roy Z also contributed on the songwriting of the title track (awesome double-bass fills in this one!), "Trail Of Tears" and "Crystal." Crucible is one of the best releases in 2002! BN

Shockwaves CD REVIEWS ISSUE 8 Page 2