By Bob Nalbandian

SHOCKWAVES: You have a brand new record label, actually an interactive label, called E-MAGINE Entertainment, who just released your sixth album, "6:66 Satan's Child". You're not going with the normal approach of record distribution on this release. Tell us about this new venture...

GLENN DANZIG: I've always had my label, "Evilive," which was distributed through Caroline. This time around, I looked at all my options, and I realized it's all the same old record company bullshit. So, I brought my label into a license deal with E-Magine and it's total autonomy, the only thing I have to check with Christoph (E-Magine co-president) about is how much we spend on something. We also have ADA (through WEA) as our traditional retail distribution and we have the CD available on all the major sites like CD Now,, Tower Online etc.

SW: Can you explain to our readers exactly how this new label venture works, as far as downloading the new Danzig music.

DANZIG: If you go to the E-Magine website (, you can download two new songs, "Five Finger Crawl" and "Unspeakable," for free, and you can preview 15 seconds of the songs on the rest of the record for free as well. It's been going really well so far. We've been taking pre-orders on the Internet and it's going through the roof!

SW: This seems to be the wave of the future. You can tap into markets (countries) where there is no record distribution, all one needs is a computer!

DANZIG: I was in New York last week during the CMJ and I went to the E-Magine booth and Christoph told me the site already had 400,000 hits, which is crazy! It's cool to see a lot of the major record companies scrambling now, trying to get on board...they're probably gonna try to buy as many companies as they can and then put a lock down on it, like they always do.

SW: I can remember when first came around, and started the downloading of music. None of the labels at the time took them seriously, in fact, they thought it was a joke...and look at where MP3 is now. The major record companies are now shitting their pants!

DANZIG: Yeah. It's great because when I tell people I'm doing an interview for an Internet radio station they're like, 'who cares?'. And I tell them, 'you better check yourself because Internet radio isn't just regional, it's global!' So, as soon as people find out about Internet radio stations like HardRadio, all the sudden, the rules have changed. We're talking, listeners from all over the world!

SW: I often get the same one really takes Internet radio seriously because they just don't understand its international impact. They claim within the next 5 years you'll be able to get Internet radio stations from your car! And, since it's digital, the quality will be superior, with no static or interference.

DANZIG: Actually, within the next 3 years it will happen. In Japan, they have TV sets in cars right now, where you can punch up traffic routes, weather, everything! You can get Internet access already in cars in Japan, so within the next 2 to 3 years it's gonna be so crazy! The whole world is gonna change within the next three to five years.

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