By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Your comic book company, Verotik, is really taking off as well...

DANZIG: We're doing less comics and more media now with film and video. We're making a killer new Verotik website which will be linked to the E-Magine site.

SW: On your upcoming tour to promote this new CD, you'll also have your old band Samhain perform live.

DANZIG: The tour starts in LA on November 1st. I will come out and do a 45 minute set with Samhain and then Danzig will come out and just blow the house down!

SW: So you're obviously on good terms with the guys in Samhain...what about the Misfits?

DANZIG: That's a joke. With Samhain, we're not re-grouping, we're just getting together on these shows and having a blast. No new recordings, but the Samhain box-set will have a ton of unreleased stuff, just like the Misfits Box-set had.

SW: The direction of this new record sounds much darker and heavier than your previous album you did on Hollywood, which came out about three years ago...

DANZIG: Three weeks after that release, Hollywood pulled the plug on us and we spent the last three years trying to get off that label. We ended up doing okay with the settlement, until Cavallo stepped in as head of the label. Then the whole nightmare began again of trying to get off the label. But I guess Roy Disney read him a riot act and within a month we got free. On this record, we made a conscience effort to turn up the guitars, they got buried on the last record since there was so much other shit going on.

SW: So, anything as far as motion pictures?

DANZIG: We're doing The Crow III soundtrack, we did a remix of "Belly Of The Beast" and we're calling it "Underbelly Of The Beast." It looks like we'll be doing a song for the X-Man movie when it comes out. And then we'll be putting out a double-live Danzig record.

SW: Do you plan on getting involved in directing?

DANZIG: Yeah. I directed most the Danzig videos. I even directed the "Mother" live video and Rick Rubin gave credit to the guy who edited it, which was yet another problem I had with Rubin.

SW: In the future, do you plan on showing videos on the Internet through the Danzig/E-Magine site?

DANZIG: We're gonna have a 40 second teaser of the film over the Internet featuring the girls with the horns on the back of our CD cover. It's gonna be pretty wild!

SW: So, what about your personal life...with Danzig, the record label, the comic book company, and all the touring in between...can you maintain a normal relationship?

DANZIG: It's difficult. I'm not looking to start a family or anything, especially with the way my schedule looks for the next five years. I'm just concentrating on my career.