DC Cooper Interview
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: So, you're in New York?
DC: Yeah, I wasn't able to go out on the promotional tour for this album. That's the first time in over 10 years of traveling overseas that I didn't get to do that so I'm kind of far removed from the album. But Alex has been covering a lot of the European markets as far as promotion and I'm doing things here in the US.

SW: The new CD ("Infatuuator"), has it been released here in the States yet?
DC: Yeah, it's released worldwide.

SW: So, this is your first release here in America...
DC: Yeah. Our debut record, "Empire of Future" was released worldwide, except for the US. But Insideout Music will be re-releasing it here in the US with a bonus track.

SW: Prior to Silent Force you sang for the Danish band Royal Hunt...
DC: I sang for Royal Hunt for about six years, than I broke off and went solo for about two and a half years releasing one album and did a world tour. In fact I'm working on my second solo album now and plan to release it somewhere in between the Silent Force albums.

SW: You seem to prefer working with European musicians...
DC: Pretty much. I'm putting the call out to American musicians. If there's musicians of this caliber here in the US I'd like to come across them. My new solo album is all written and I'm trying to line things up. My first solo album had musicians from all over Europe. But for this upcoming record, I'd like to get American musicians since it would be much easier and I wouldn't have to fly people in from Europe. So, I'm putting the call out if you've got the chops, I'm looking for extremely high-caliber musicians.

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