DC Cooper Interview Page 3
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: There's no question that there's a huge underground fan base here in the States, regardless of the lack of radio play and media exposure. The Internet obviously plays an important role in exposing and promoting this type of music. Has the Internet played a major factor in promoting your music?
DC: Absolutely. That's definitely the necessary thing to do right now...making sure you have a good website and send out news bits to people. I never thought that it would take off so fast. But now it's become such a main part of press media...with all the fanzines, or webzines, now. I'm doing tons of interviews with different webzines. There's so many different avenues now, it's not just print anymore. Radio as well has really stepped up with all the Internet radio stations that support this kind of music.

SW: Like HardRadio. It is very cool for the bands as well as the fans to have a world wide force like Internet radio and webzines...I'm curious, how did Silent Force come to form seeing that the other members are all from Germany?
DC: I was coming off the DC Cooper tour, we were actually coming back from Brazil. And I was talking to my manager about working with guitarist Alex Bryrodt and they were putting a lot of pressure on me to get together and meet with him. A lot of the Japanese and South American fans enjoy the solo stuff, but they'd rather see full-time bands together. I really liked Alex's guitar style so as soon as I got off the airplane from Brazil I met with him, and ended up staying with him for three weeks because we got along so well. He already had the music written and recorded for the first Silent Force album, "Empire of Future," It was a huge challenge for me to take material that was already finished and not changeable , and structure all the lyrics and melodies around it. I usually like to experiment with different ideas in the studio. But Alex and I got along so well from the first day we met and I consider him like a brother to me. And with the lineup we have right now...Torsten, our keyboard player, has exceptional talent for how young he is. I real feel he has a big future ahead of him and I really want to be part of it. Our drummer Andre and bassist Jurgen definitely kick ass as well. I'm really pleased with the team that we put together and we really have big hopes for the future.

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