DC Cooper Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: I was under the impression that Silent Force was more or less a project of yours, but it is an official band, correct?
DC: Yeah, definitely. Silent Force is my full-time band and DC Cooper...that's more of a side project.

SW: Being from New York, how did you come in contact with the Danish band Royal Hunt and what led to your departure with that band?
DC: Well, I got together with them in '94. I just got on an airplane and met with them in Denmark for the first time and did 13 rehearsals with them. And five days after that I found myself playing in front of over 5,000 people in Tokyo. I was replacing their original singer who had left, and I was sending tapes back and forth. I was one of the finalists for Judas Priest [when Halford had left] and that's how I gained a lot of recognition throughout the music community. And that's how Royal Hunt had come across me. They seemed pretty strong, and had a Japanese tour and a world tour lined up. I wasn't really looking at it as long-term but it ended up being six years and three albums and two live albums. We just basically parted ways at the end of the Paradox tour. The leader of the band said that he wanted to take a break for a year and, to me, I think that's career suicide, unless you're a band like Van Halen. I didn't agree with it so that's when I found it was the prime opportunity to put this solo band together, and I had the finances and the vehicle to do it. But that didn't sit well with the guys in the band so they ended up replacing me.

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