DEMON Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Yeah, I noticed most the great rock/metal festivals are in Germany and Scandinavia...
DAVE: And they are fanatical for it. All those bands, like Whitesnake and Twisted Sister, are still big over there. And I think that would be a great bill for Britain but nobody will put it on. There are good rock bands in Britain but they just haven't been catered for.

SW: Speaking of metal festivals, what are your thoughts on the New Jersey Metal Fest you're doing this weekend. It's a pretty unusual bill...there are so many bands performing and the mix of classic metal with death metal...I was shocked that Status Quo were added on that bill!
DAVE: I also find it incredible that Status Quo are on that bill. There's certainly a hell of a lot of different bands playing this festival, but people seem to be enthusiastic about it. We began to worry that perhaps it's not the sort on bill we should be playing but there have been quite a number of people who have come out of the woodwork to see us. So I think it might be different here [in the US], whereas that bill might not necessarily go over somewhere else. There were a lot of people who turned up just to see Quo last night. I mean, you definitely wouldn't have Status Quo on a death-metal bill anywhere else in the world. In Britain, these days, they are very much a middle-of-the-road rock/boogie band and they're the last band you would think would be playing this festival. But it was a great show last night with Quo, so obviously it seems to work here.

SW: I just saw Status Quo here in LA (Anaheim House of Blues) and I noticed a lot of people - in fact well over half the audience - followed the band up from Mexico. Apparently, the band is huge in Mexico as well, and the fans there follow the band all across the US.
DAVE: Yeah, I noticed over the years they have been touring in Australia, South America...everywhere in the world. And I guess they sort of gave up on America a long time ago because of the extensive touring required to break it [in America].

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