Interview with BRUCE DICKINSON Page 1
By Fredrik Hjelm

This interview with Bruce was conducted by Fredrik Hjelm at the Sanctuary LA offices back in February when the band were promoting their upcoming "Rock In Rio" CD and DVD.

Fredrik Hjelm: So, Bruce - who produced the forthcoming Iron Maiden live album "Rock In Rio", and who's going to produce the upcoming studio album?

Bruce Dickinson: Kevin Shirley. We like Kevin, and he likes us!

FH: What about the re-issue of the re-issue (!) of the whole Iron Maiden catalog on Sony? It wasn't long ago the entire catalog was re-mastered and released on Raw Power/Castle Records, and here it comes again!? Is there anything different on this issue, beside the two bonus tracks on each CD?

BD: I don't think so. I think the reason is because it's been transferred to Sony and they want to issue their version of it. My personal take on it is; if you really want another copy of "The Number Of The Beast", go ahead, be my guest! If your old copy's still working for you and your happy with that, fine. You don't have to buy it!

FH: Speaking of "The Number Of The Beast" - I just watched the making of that record [part of the "Classic Album" series on Eagle Rock Entertainment], Martin Birch obviously produced that album and many more that followed. Can we expect further collaboration with this gentleman in the future?

BD: Martin!? No, Martin's retired, bless him! He plays golf and goes salmon fishing, and I think he deserves it! He made all my favorite records in the past, not only Maiden, but others, through the years.

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