BRUCE DICKINSON Interview Page 2
By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: Can you tell us a little bit about the forthcoming "Rock In Rio" album and how it will differ from Maiden's other live albums...

BD: The "Rock In Rio" album I think is gonna turn into a Maiden classic because it is one show, no overdubs, and it sounds great! It sounds really, really strong. It was the last show of the "Brave New World" tour, it was in front of a quarter of a million people, it was broadcast live on TV to over 100 million was a great place to do a live DVD and CD! So, that is why we decided to do the recording in Rio, and since it was only one show, we knew we had to do it right so there was a lot of pressure on stage, knowing we've only got one shot at this. Fortunately, we got it right!

FH: How many shows were recorded at the Long Beach Arena for the "Live After Death" record?

BD: That record was assembled from three nights at Long Beach, with different tracks being selected from different nights. It also was messed around with a bit. Some of the backing tracks were fine, but Adrian's guitar was way out of tune on one or two songs, so we went into a studio here in LA and did some guitar overdubs and I think I even did some vocal overdubs on "Run To The Hills" and some other bits. All these years I felt "Live After Death" as being the ultimate live Maiden record, that's why it's nice to have "Rock In Rio." This has a vocal performance on it in which I'm a lot more proud of than "Live After Death". It's shit-loads better singing-wise. Whether or not it will replace "Live After Death" in the affections of everybody is more difficult to say because a record like that is more a product of its time. The same goes for "Number Of The Beast" wouldn't matter if we did an album that was twice as good as that record tomorrow, it would still never be "Number Of The Beast."

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