BRUCE DICKINSON Interview Page 3
By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: What about your position in Maiden today? Do you feel it's more influential than it used to be?

BD: Still "vertical" and that's all right! I really don't think about it that much, it is what it is, you know.

FH: Sometimes I felt as if part of why you wanted to pursue your own artistic ventures was to have more freedom and to be in charge...

BD: Well, in some aspects it's nice to be your own boss, I agree. Being in Maiden, though, has got a lot of other things going for it. You're in this really "big" environment and people really focus on you. It's always a big deal with a new Maiden album and it's really only a handful of bands that have a genuine identity. There really isn't anything like Maiden, anywhere else in the world.

FH: How do you feel about dropping all the solo material, going back to Maiden? Could we expect further Dickinson solo ventures?

BD: I hope so. I haven't really dropped any solo material at all.

FH: I'm rather referring to your current focus - Iron Maiden?

BD: Yeah, my focus is on Maiden right now, because Maiden's doing something! When Maiden stops doing something, my focus will be elsewhere, wherever that is. Not necessarily on solo stuff, since I do other things to. It's just about concentrating on what's going on at the moment.

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