Interview With DINO CAZARES
By Bob Nalbandian

Perhaps one of the most influential artists for the nu-metal genre, Fear Factory guitarist/ songwriter Dino Cazares strikes out on his own!

SHOCKWAVES: Tell us about your new band...
DINO: My new band features drummer John Sanky from Australia . He was formerly in a band called Devolved and I had met him when I was in Fear Factory touring Australia , Devolved opened up for us and I was really impressed with his playing. Paul Conroy from Roadrunner hooked me up with a great singer from Philadelphia named Jose Maldonado, he used to sing in a band called Liquid Gang. We're still searching for a name. We've already written nine killer songs that we're currently shopping to labels.

SW: Apart from Fear Factory, you have been involved with several different projects including; Atari Teenage Riot, Cypress Hill, Junkie XL, Nailbomb, Soulfly, Strife...
DINO: I'm also involved in a band called Brujeria, which I've been involved with for many, many years. We've just released a best-of CD called "The Mexicutioner" and we're currently touring to support that release. I'm also in another band called Assassino, which means "assassin" in Spanish. That features myself, Tony from Static X, and Emilio Vasquez from Sadistic Intent.

SW: So what is the situation with you and Fear Factory? Are you still a part of the band?
DINO: When Fear Factory broke-up, all four of us owned a piece of the name. Fear Factory is a corporation, so I'm still a part of the business aspect of Fear Factory even though I'm not physically playing in the band. Christian [Olde-Wolbers], the bass player, regrouped the band and he is now playing guitar. So they're currently looking for a new bass player. I wish them the best of luck, in fact, I'm turning bass players onto them.

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