DINO CAZARES Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: You've been involved in several production projects/deals throughout the years as well, many of these bands you originally produced have become platinum selling artists, such as System Of A Down. You really helped launch many of the "nu-metal" bands when they were in their starting phases...
DINO: I was always involved in the LA scene and was always into helping out bands who I thought deserved it. Back in the day, I brought Spineshank and Coal Chamber to Roadrunner. I tried to get Static X, System Of A Down and Earshot signed to Roadrunner, but they turned them down. I produced the first System Of A Down demo. And Fear Factory took all those bands on tour, in fact, one of the best tours I've done was with System Of A Down, Hedpe, Spineshank and Static X. It was a great tour since they were all my friends, and it totally helped all those bands. As far as new bands, I just produced a band from Sacramento called Erased, who are kind of like a death-metal Orgy, and a band called Crooked. I also co-owned a record label for a while called Kool Arrow, which I did with Billy Gould from Faith No More. Just recently, I sold my share back to Billy. I plan on starting my own production company called DC productions in the near future and I eventually want to start up my own label. I'm still helping bands out that I really think deserve it, and I do what I can for them. I do it for the love of the music as well as the love of the business. I mean...I'm not on a Fred Durst level (laughs). As a matter of fact, I got asked to audition for Limp Bizkit about a year ago, but I turned it down. I didn't even want to audition. A lot of people said, "dude, just think of the money!" But, I don't think it would have worked out - I'm really happy doing my own thing.

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